5 things you need to know about our artist cut sapphires

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Love + relationships are the core of our company.

OUR COMMITMENT over the past month, we have taken a good hard look at ourselves, our relationships and our company. we have felt a lot of feelings alo...

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The images that you'll look back on with tears in your eyes are the ones that capture the personalities of your family in a true light. With this in m...

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a note about infertility + motherhood

we are coming up on mother’s day, and as a business and a new mama I want to celebrate. at the same time, this week is infertility awareness week. it’...

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gift guide for the classic mama

a gift to say thank you for your patience when we needed to learn the hard way, your kindness when we scraped our knees, and your generosity when we n...

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gift guide for the mamas at heart

for the countless women in your life who helped build up and shape you into the person you are today.

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gift guide for the earth mama

the perfect pieces for the mama who loves mother earth almost as much as she loves her babies.

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siff & nish love story | #blubohobrides

everything about it is so me. i'd gone to so many places to try on rings but loved bluboho because I didn't want something too traditional and because...

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nick & brooke love story | #blubohobrides

my ring is the rose gold moonstruck ring and I had fallen in love with it as soon as I saw it. Its simple beauty and uniqueness were the two parts I a...

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brock & torie's love story | #blubohobrides

I spent a lot of time looking at different styles and consulting Torie's close friends and sisters. I wanted something unique (like her), something de...

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Maggie's Holiday Note

hello, welcome to bluboho! my name is maggie - co-founder + owner… i don’t normally make appearances around here, but this is a big year for us. i jus...

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Sapphire colour scale

Oftentimes the things we cherish the most in our lives are also the hardest to put into words. How can we fully describe the feeling of being embraced...

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gift guide with didier young

Didier Young | @didieryhc | the wonderful, magical Didier Young was kind enough share with us his curated Christmas gift guide and w...

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