At bluboho, we are dedicated to creating fine jewelry with a story. Our story starts from a place of love — love for one another, love for our planet, love for beauty and excellence. Each of our fine jewelry pieces is handmade in Toronto by experts in the field for undeniable quality. Crafted from recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones, every single piece is designed with intention.


Fine jewelry is much like art: a way to express yourself and tell the world a little bit more about who you are. Layer and curate your delicate gold jewelry pieces to tell your story. Mark your moments and celebrate your milestones through your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Each minimal and dainty jewelry piece is subtle enough for everyday wear and can be a wonderful daily reminder of your journey.


Falling in love with a piece of fine jewelry is a moment of vulnerability and genuine connection. You see a gold necklace or earring that you think is stunning... Then you learn about the story it tells, how it expresses a moment in your life and, all of a sudden, it's no longer about jewelry anymore. It is about your experiences, the lessons you’ve learned that have made you who you are today, and celebrating the person you've become. Through the shapes, symbols, gemstones and precious metals of each fine jewelry piece, you are able to love and embrace your deepest truths that make you unique and wonderful. our goal is to be more than just your favourite jewelry designer; we aim to be companions on your life journey and growth.

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As a company who loves all things beautiful, our primary focus is finding the beauty in every single guest that comes through our doors or onto our website. We want to learn about you, grow with you, and live in this world of beauty and excitement with you. Bluboho designs and handcrafts all of Bluboho’s dainty gold jewelry here in Toronto, Ontario, with the exception of carrying a select few designers. Our, in house designer begins the process of creating the dainty gold jewelry with a theme or an inspiration drawn from something real and raw within us. The inspiration is then brought to life in a sketch of the piece and brought to our goldsmith, in Toronto, to handcraft the dainty gold jewelry. Bluboho is a female founded, owned, and operated company. Our CEO, Maggie, recently had a sweet little baby and is a power house of a woman. She pours her heart and soul into everyone who works for Bluboho, and into every single guest that she interacts with. You can find her zeal for life in every aspect of your dainty gold jewelry from Bluboho.

In addition to designing our minimalist jewelry here in Toronto, we also carry a select few female designers in stores and online. We hand pick designer jewelry that goes seamlessly well with our Bluboho designer jewelry to tell and share our story with every guest who wears our dainty gold jewelry every day.

Bluboho is a Toronto based company, designing fine, free spirited, luxury jewelry. It all began with a lakeside conversation between two friends and avid travelers, Maggie and Cheryl. Founded and operated by women and noted for our collection of ethically sourced, raw and refined pieces, we quickly grew. Our flagship store opened in Oakville, in 2011. It was followed by two more high-end jewelry stores in Toronto, Ontario. (2013 and 2016) with many more beautiful locations we cannot wait to bring more dainty gold jewelry in the years to come!

Bluboho finely occupies the space between raw and refined. Each dainty gold piece of jewelry is designed to tell the story of a life well-lived. Each piece marks a moment, and each stack tells a story. Our designer jewelry is inspired by travel, meaningful relationships, and joy. Bluboho’s luxury dainty gold jewelry is designed and created locally, 99% of our casting in our minimalist jewelry is done using recycled materials. We work very closely with local stone and diamond suppliers, and all of our precious and semi-precious stones are ethically sourced and go through the Kimberly process of sourcing. We are believers in fair pay and ethical, and safe working conditions for everyone involved in the entire process of the handcrafted dainty gold jewelry that you wear every day. We are proud to be one of the Toronto independent jewelers.

We understand that dainty gold jewelry holds so much meaning, meaning beyond the physical object. And when it comes to wearing jewelry, a pair of earrings can mean so much when they are bought as a gift, or to celebrate, or honour something or someone. Our dainty gold earrings are a way to carry your story and your moments with you. Our 14k gold earrings are sold as pairs and as singles, so you can personalize your earring stacks to each say something about who you are and what you hold close to your heart. Tell your story through your ear stack! We carry a large collection of dainty gold earrings and dainty silver earrings. Whether you have one piercing, 5 piercings, or no piercings, we have the perfect dainty gold jewelry to wear every day. Our ever loved dainty gold jewelry ear cuffs are the perfect gold earrings to create that earring stack look, without having to commit to another earring! It is also a perfect gift for someone who seems to already have everything! At bluboho, we can help you find the earrings that will mark your moment or your loved ones moment and will fit with your everyday life. We carry the majority of our gold earrings in yellow gold and in rose gold and also carry dainty sliver earrings!

With our Bluboho necklaces, adorn your neck with delicate chains, dainty pendants and meaningful symbols. We design our dainty gold jewelry necklaces to match any style and grace your lifestyle and outfits with an elegant flow. Our handcrafted dainty gold jewelry necklaces tell a story. Each one was created to find a wearer that can connect with its meaning in a personal way. With our necklaces we want you to feel empowered to live a life of wonder, passion, and beauty. We create our delicate, minimal necklaces to be a soft touch of beauty and a gentle accent to its owner. You are the focus and we want our necklaces to be a part of your beauty and shine alongside with you. No matter where you go, wear your confidence, and own your beauty.

Our dainty gold jewelry necklace collection not only holds dainty gold necklaces but dainty silver necklaces as well. With our wide variety of necklace sizes, colours, pendants, and styles, we want you to be able to create the most unique layer of necklaces that shares your beauty and tells your story. Pick out the necklaces that best describe your story and wear them proudly as you share your beautiful journey with those in your world.

When it comes to wrist wear, find one of our dainty gold bracelets or dainty silver bracelets to carry on the meaningful tradition of a friendship bracelet. Whether they are for a wedding party or a good friend that holds a special part of your heart, our bracelets were designed to share meaning and create bonds. Share one of our dainty gold jewelry bracelets with someone who carries a piece of your heart through the good and the bad. Let one of our bracelets be the reminder that that person is never as far away as you may think, that distance is daunting but the heart closes the gap. With our selection of dainty gold and silver bracelets find the one that best fits you and the space that you are in. Whether it is the 9 wishes bracelet, carrying a wish on each bead, giving a simple reminder that good things are on the way. Or our dainty gold little crescent moon bracelet carrying with it the reminder that without fresh beginnings, we would never know our full potential to grow as individuals. We are confident that we have just the dainty gold jewelry bracelet that will speak to you. Customize how you wear our bracelets, in a stack or even as an anklet; our dainty gold jewelry is a reflection of your unique beauty.

One of our favourite things to do is create dainty gold rings that are able to impart meaning and touch the heart of the wearer. More than just the beauty on the outside, we love to incorporate meaning into the design of our dainty gold jewelry rings, in order to create a heartfelt bond with you at where you’re at, no matter the occasion. Whether you are commemorating a new life chapter, or signifying the end of one. Whether you are celebrating a milestone in your life or someone else’s. With our selection of dainty gold rings and dainty silver rings, we are excited to help you find the perfect match. We also love to create dainty gold jewelry rings that are the perfect match in beauty to your lifestyle, whether you are looking for an everyday piece or something to accentuate your favourite outfit before a special event, you’ll find that our selection of dainty gold and dainty silver rings bring magic to you and the occasion. 

At Bluboho we have a diverse collection of beautiful minimalist jewelry pieces to style your hands with. From our minimalist jewelry engagement rings, One of a Kind selection, and wedding bands, they can all be stacked and styled in a way that’s unique to you. We want each ring to represent your own beauty and style, and when you begin to stack different minimalist jewelry collections, you are able to customize and change your unique look to fit your beautiful and unique style.

As a part of our diverse minimalist jewelry ring selection, we also carry a curated collection of beautifully handcrafted, ethically sourced, designer jewelry engagement rings, each one as unique as your love. We want you to be able to tell the story of your love with the perfect ring. Our natural stone engagement rings are a token of love. They capture the attention of the beholder. Memories and feelings translated into the present with just a glance bringing your story with you wherever you go and whatever you are doing. 

Designed and handcrafted for the free-spirited bride, our team in Toronto uses ethically sourced gold, conflict-free diamonds and precious gems. Close to home, close to our hearts. We hand-select each gem for its extraordinariness, so that you can pick from a plethora of vibrant hues and unique textures. You can see and feel the love that we've imprinted on each piece of designer jewelry, and that's just the beginning of their story. Their true journey begins with you. 

We love to use our Canadian sapphires for our beloved designer jewelry engagement rings because they captivate with their uniqueness. Each sapphire engagement ring is a one of a kind, as no two sapphires have the same colouring. Our sapphire engagement rings come in an array of colours, and throughout history have forever been associated with sacred things, keeping your love tie blessed, revered, cherished and admired by all. Sapphires rate second to diamonds on the hardness scale and will withstand the test of time, creating the perfect centre piece for your natural stone engagement ring. A forever reminder of the strength created in balance of two coming together in beauty and uniqueness for your forever love.

Within our engagement collection, we have our One of a Kind engagement rings. Our one of a kind jewelry pieces are designed and handcrafted around each ethically sourced stone that we source. We start with a story to build a life giving meaning to the engagement ring, as we hand-select each stone for the one of a kind engagement rings in each collection. From ethically sourced white diamond rose cuts and rustic diamonds, to ethically sourced coloured sapphires, we enjoy selecting stones that are truly unique and full of character. Once the stones are selected and approved for quality, we sketch settings and designs specially for each stone and their one of a kind colouring, as well as their cut. As a result, each one of a kind jewelry piece is one of a kind, with a setting that suits the stone beautifully, the kind of beauty that captures the heart. We want to work with you on finding your forever one of a kind engagement ring to create an engagement promise that ties all of who you are together, unifying two dynamic stories to create a strengthened future. Whether your moments take you near or far, our one of a kind engagement pieces are the beautiful milestone in your story that brings your love story into the future. We want the engagement ring to speak to you and be a complete reflection of who you both are. 

In order to complement your beautiful and unique designer jewelry engagement ring, we have curated a collection of minimalist jewelry wedding bands to compliment and pair with your already beautiful engagement story and ring. Whether you are preparing for your wedding day or looking for a band to compliment your current designer jewelry engagement ring stack, we’ve reimagined the classic minimalist jewelry wedding band to offer you an assortment of whimsical options. Each dainty designer jewelry wedding ring in our collection has a unique look, story and meaning. From thin dainty gold rings, inlaid with ethically sourced blue sapphires, to thick polished gold wedding bands set with larger grey and white diamonds, each ring carries with it the love that you share. They are a symbol to the unique connection and deep commitment you have made to another and to yourself. Love may be endless but love begins with life’s small moments. Love isn’t only about commitment to the future, it’s also about the commitment to the present, this very moment. Love lives in that split-second when you spot your beloved from across a room. You can find it in a morning in bed, a quiet walk home, or in arms embracing. It is because of this love that we have curated this collection, it is because of this love that our diamond and sapphire weddings rings can serve as a symbol and reminder of your commitment to love every day. 

For the people that have supported you all along the way, show them your love with something they can remember forever. Our handmade dainty wedding jewelry is the perfect gift for your wedding party. They have grown with you and have walked this journey with you, they are some of the people that know you best. You have created a different and unique relationship with each person that you have chosen to surround yourself with during your special day. As unique as your bond and love for each person is, with our dainty wedding party jewelry you can pick the perfect minimalist jewelry piece to fit each person. Whether it be our hold me tight bracelet, our flying together earrings, or our engravable loyalty signet ring, our collection has the perfect pieces for your wedding party. If it is one specific piece you are searching for to match with the ones you love, our wedding party jewelry is perfect. Find your matching pieces with us as you bring that special moment with all of you, wherever you go.

Want to come visit us in person? We would love to meet you. Come in to any of our 4 store locations and we would love to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry. Our company is local to the Toronto area with store locations in Square One Shopping Centre, and East Oakville, or downtown Toronto on Yonge St. or Queen St. West. Our Oakville jewelry store and jewelry stores Toronto are staffed with our lovely guest connectors that can’t wait to connect you with your perfect piece of jewelry. Hosted by our warm and welcoming staff come and enjoy our elegant displays and try on some of your favourite pieces. For any questions you may have, reach out to us at, or visit us in-store at any of these locations.