March 13, 2023

introducing the butterfly collection: a journey of metamorphosis

 we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new collection, the butterfly, which launches on march 16th 2023. 

about the butterfly jewelry collection 

this collection is inspired by the transformation process of a caterpillar into a butterfly, representing hope, imagination, and metamorphosis. the butterfly collection is a reminder to let go of the past, embrace change, and trust the journey ahead.

the butterfly collection is a celebration of the journey of transformation and the beauty that comes from embracing change. it is a reminder to hold onto hope, trust the process, and let go of the past. explore the collection and find the piece that speaks to your heart and soul.

 our head designer poured her heart into each piece of jewelry, creating pieces that are not only beautiful and unique but also hold deep meaning. she shared a few reflections on the creation process of each piece in the butterfly collection.


the metamorphosis butterfly locket

the metamorphosis butterfly locket is one of the standout pieces of the collection, with a unique pleated texture akin to that of a delicate paper fan. this unusual detail conveys a modern, elevated, and eye-catching take on a popular motif. 

this locket is engraved with a message of hope written by our founder, opening like a book to reveal words of encouragement and strength. 

top tip: the metamorphosis butterfly locket can be worn in four different ways, representing our multifaceted nature and potential for transformation. 

notes from the designer: we had been looking for an opportunity to add a locket to one of our collections, and the metamorphosis butterfly was the perfect introduction to lockets at bluboho! i love that lockets open almost like reading a book or card from a loved one.

i wanted the metamorphosis butterfly locket to feel as if you had just received a thoughtful and poignant card or gift from a loved one, someone who really cares about you and knows your beautiful soul inside and out. upon opening it, you’ll see words that speak to your heart as a reminder of your strength and the power of your journey, and that you are always safe through all that change. 

the metamorphosis butterfly necklace, bracelet, and earrings

the collection also features a matching set: the metamorphosis butterfly necklace, bracelet, and earrings. these pieces are designed to be extremely easy to wear, but still sophisticated and artful in their design. each piece is a wearable interpretation of the butterfly as a symbol of grace in extreme change.

notes from the designer: a more petite interpretation of the locket, i love the asymmetrical and contemporary design of each of these pieces. we wanted to create a modern rendition of the butterfly. the “paper fan”-like texture connotes movement and flight.  a beautiful soul who moves through extreme change with grace and comes out on the other side stronger.

the winged being butterfly ring

the winged being butterfly ring is designed to appear delicate, yet it represents the strength and resilience of a butterfly wing. 

the negative space of the ring creates an airy, ethereal look while covering a lot of real estate on the finger— a piece that balances elements of dainty fine jewelry and a statement piece. the wing's "eye" can be seen on the front of the ring.

notes from the designer: this ring— a popular piece in the office— is representative of a butterfly wing. i love the message it conveys: it appears so delicate, yet can carry one through change. the negative space represents the butterfly’s almost paper-like airy wings, and the wing’s ‘eye’ is seen in the front of the ring.

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Written By jasmin mcmullan
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