February 8, 2023

romanticizing the everyday: romantic heart jewelry for any relationship status

whether you're in a relationship or celebrating the love in your life in a different way, a romantic gold jewelry stack is a versatile and stylish way to add a touch romantic element to your daily life— and valentine's day is the perfect time to add a touch of romance to your jewelry collection. 

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the magic of styling a romantic stack is that you can make it completely your own— unique to you and tailored to tell your story. 

choose from a variety of different pieces that contrast and complement each other to create a personalized look— one that reflects your personal style and the relationship you're in. 

for example, to celebrate a romantic relationship, you might choose a sentimental piece with personalized engraving, or a symbolic marker of a milestone anniversary that you can wear on date nights. for some dreamy sparkle to mark big moments, we love the romance rose-cut diamonds.

if you're single and celebrating the love in your life, you might opt for a dainty linked permanent bracelet to celebrate your closest friendships, or a stacking ring that you can wear every day as a reminder of self-love.

make it personal: last call for valentine’s engraving until february 10th! add a personal detail with complimentary engraving on select valentine’s day gifts. shop engravables here.

styling a romantic gold jewelry stack means that you can get creative and layer different pieces to create a romantic look. experiment with layering a mix of different necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to create a bohemian vibe, or pairing a statement piece with a classic simple gold band for a more classic look. 

you can also play with different textures and finishes, such as matte brushed finish like in our sand dollar pieces or hammered texture in our rippling wave band, to add interest to your stack. 

one of our top tips for creating a romantic jewelry stack is by mixing rose gold jewelry into your collection of yellow gold or silver jewelry for a romantic and eclectic effect.

romanticize every day with the deep love collection: recycled gold heart jewelry with an elevated, modern flair.

a great way to create a romantic gold jewelry look is by choosing pieces that feature a heart or love-related symbol

look out for heart-shaped jewelry with an elevated twist: our lovely heart pieces feature a heart charm that was originally hand-drawn by our co-founder maggie, giving it an unusual and elevated look not to be found on your typical heart jewelry pieces. 

the new ‘lovely heart’ pieces are the perfect token to show your love, making them a great gift that can be cherished forever.

meet the new pieces: 

bohemian romance: inspired by our iconic tie-dye moonchild medallion necklace, the lovely heart tie-dye necklace is covered in a romantic array of multi-coloured star-set sapphires and white diamonds.

no matter what your relationship status is, it’s important to celebrate the abundance of love in your life. a romantic jewelry stack with our lovely heart pieces is the perfect way to do just that. these stylish and versatile pieces can be worn to celebrate a special date, or every day as a reminder of self-love. 

so, why not treat yourself or your loved one to a beautiful romantic gold jewelry stack this valentine's day?

Written By jasmin mcmullan
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