February 14, 2023

a look into the history and significance of the evil eye

with its powerful watchful gaze, the evil eye is a symbol that has captivated people throughout history and across many cultures

don’t be alarmed— despite having “evil” in its name, the evil eye is in fact a powerful force for good. it is believed to protect against negative energy and jealousy, and has been used in various forms of jewelry, amulets, and talismans for centuries

so where did this symbol come from, and what does it represent?

the evil eye is believed to have originated in ancient mesopotamia, where it was known as the "eye of envy." it was thought that looking at someone with envy or jealousy could cause harm, so the eye symbol was used to ward off this negative energy. the ancient egyptians also had a belief in the evil eye and would often depict the eye of horus, a god associated with protection and healing, on amulets and jewelry as a form of protection.

the belief in the evil eye spread throughout the mediterranean and into ancient greece, where it was known as “mati”. the ancient greeks would often wear an amulet in the shape of an eye as a form of protection. the romans also believed in the evil eye and often wore amulets known as "fascinum" to ward off evil spirits.

in jewish culture, the evil eye is known as "ayin hara" and it is believed that one can give the evil eye unintentionally through jealousy or envy. to protect against it, many people wear an amulet in the shape of a hand with an eye in the center as a form of protection. similarly, in islamic culture, the evil eye is known as "ayn al-hasad," and it is believed that it can cause harm to both individuals and possessions. evil eye amulets in the shape of an eye are often worn to protect against envy and ill will.

in the western world, the symbol of the evil eye is often seen in jewelry, decorative items, and even in tattoos. it's a symbol that is often associated with protection, good luck, and warding off negative energy, bringing comfort and confidence to those under its protection.

our evil eye jewelry draws on this rich and diverse history to imbue a sense of heightened intuition into elevated designs. the 2023 release introduces five bold and eclectic new designs that feature vibrant gemstones, enamel, and diamond pave to add interest to their intrigue.

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using bold green tsavorite garnet and emeralds, soft pastel montana sapphires in shades of blue, pink, and lavender, and beads of rainbow agate, amazonite, and smoky quartz, these pieces bring a vivid spectrum of colour to this collection that makes them perfect for transitioning into spring and summer. 

the symbol of the evil eye is far from a fashion statement: it carries a powerful message of protection that has been embraced throughout history by different cultures. take heart in the power of the evil eye to watch over you as you move through life’s adventures. 

Written By jasmin mcmullan
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