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how to buy an engagement ring

how to buy an engagement ring

why beloved by bluboho?

we want the experience of buying an engagement ring to become a cherished and joyful memory.

our goal is to be your guide through the process in a supportive and celebratory environment, equipping you with the knowledge and insight needed to make the right choice for you.

when you buy a ring from beloved by bluboho, you can feel proud to wear it forever.

our rings are made with style and substance, crafted with care and intention to represent your story. we love creating one of a kind rings with the most unique stones, that will never be replicated. when you're deciding where to buy an engagement ring, consider the benefits of shopping with your values: we are leaders in creating sustainably minded, ethically made sapphire engagement rings, handmade in Toronto. our rings each come with a unique name and deeply meaningful storytelling, making them a truly unique engagement ring in every way.

see what our guests are saying.

we believe that your engagement ring is more than simply a piece of jewelry: it is a future heirloom that will represent this moment in your life— so we want you to find exactly what you want, and to love it forever. whether that means a traditional large centre stone solitaire, a diamond-encrusted band, or something unique to you, we want to make your dream come true. when we create our rings, our focus is resonant, soulful design, magical centre stones full of character and complexity, and fine craftsmanship from expert artisans.

the beloved by bluboho shopping experience

with beloved by bluboho, you'll have all the support you need to find the perfect piece in a pressure-free environment. we know what a big decision this is, and we're ready to help you make an informed decision by equipping you with our years of experience and expertise.

we encourage you to take your time to mull things over— bring someone with you, sleep on it, and trust your intuition.

whether you connect with us online via virtual appointments, emails, or text, or in person at one of our locations, dedicated people who care deeply about what they do will walk you through each step in the process. the celebration starts here!

"bluboho is so much more than a jewelry store— it's a place that made me feel unabashedly welcome (big hugs included) and immediately made me want to become friends with the bluboho ladies…"— kaylee & james

"when we first visited the store in oakville, the store associates were kind and curious of our story which made the experience of choosing a ring even more meaningful. they went the extra mile with each interaction."— shelby & mike

"bluboho has been my fiancée's favourite jewelry store since she worked in downtown toronto. since she introduced me to bluboho they have been my go-to for gifts for her, my mom, and my sister. the whole staff has made getting the engagement ring and making sure it's perfect easier than i ever thought it would be."— lauren & william

our process

meaningful design: each of our pieces starts with a story, which influences the design. we like to think of these unique engagement rings as tiny, wearable sculptures: pieces of art that embody the love between you. we choose the perfect setting to complement the hand-selected ethically-sourced sapphire, and then each ring is handcrafted in the heart of toronto.

sustainable sourcing

meaningful design: each of our pieces starts with a story, which influences the design. we like to think of these unique engagement rings as tiny, wearable sculptures: pieces of art that embody the love between you. we choose the perfect setting to complement the hand-selected ethically-sourced sapphire, and then each ring is handcrafted in the heart of toronto.

Intentional design

our pieces begin with the story that shapes them. our creative and design teams collaborate closely to find a theme, story, or symbolism with which to begin designing our pieces— each unique centre stone is hand-selected in-house, then matched with a setting that will best complement and enhance its beauty.

small batch collections

we create and release our pieces in small batches to ensure the highest quality and care goes into each one. our pieces are handmade by expert artisans who work closely with us to make each ring a unique work of art.


each one-of-a-kind engagement ring comes with a complimentary certificate of authenticity signed by our in-house gemmologist, outlining the specifications of your ring and the story upon which it was based.


each one-of-a-kind ring comes uniquely named with a bespoke story attached. we hope the meaning speaks to you as deeply as the design, and that every time you look at your ring, you remember the love story it represents.

how to buy an engagement ring

first and foremost— breathe! we are here to guide you through this amazing, life-changing experience from start to finish.

first steps

do your research: figure out your partner's ring size, and what kinds of rings they love. ring sizing is not an exact science, and depends on multiple factors, including the width of the band, the shape of one's fingers, & environmental factors such as climate and temperature.

top tip: if you can get hold of a ring your partner wears on their ring finger, try to slip on the ring and mark where it lands on your finger— voila, you can now use a ring sizer to find their size! if your partner is right-handed and the ring is worn on their right hand, size down a quarter of a size.

things to keep in mind

due to aspects of their design, many of our rings can be resized, some cannot be resized at all, and some can only be resized in a certain way. if you're not sure what size to get, we can advise you on which styles are compatible with your potential resizing needs.

if you have no way to figure out your partner's size in secret, you still have options:

ONE: ask! whether you choose to do it covertly or openly, asking your partner for their ring size is one way to know for sure that you have the correct size.

TWO: if in doubt, too big is better than too small.

THREE: use a placeholder ring such as our marry me or beloved rings to propose, and then come in together to pick your forever ring. within one year of purchasing one of these rings, you can receive a credit for an engagement ring from the beloved one-of-a-kind or beloved endless collections:

  • $100 credit on engagement ring purchases up to the value of $4997
  • $398 credit (the full value of the marry me/beloved ring) on engagement ring purchases of $4998+

if you have any additional questions about figuring out your partner's ring size, get in touch with us at
or ask your expert during your ring consultation appointment


seek out inspiration from our collective of beloved by bluboho couples.

consider important lifestyle factors

if your partner is very active? will this ring be worn to the gym, gardening, hiking, etc? do they prefer very dainty, delicate designs or bolder statement pieces? do they love— or avoid— wearing certain colours? attention to detail is key in figuring out their tastes, practicalities, and preferences.

book your ring consultation!

this is the best way to receive the bluboho experience— whether you're just starting out, or hitting a wall in your process. think of it like a guided backstage tour, and you are our vip. this is a friendly one-on-one session with one of our beloved by bluboho experts, where you can have all your questions answered and get personalized guidance to make your search easy and enjoyable.

book an engagement consultation

how much to spend on an engagement ring

the perfect ring is not necessarily the most expensive one— it's the one that makes your heart beat faster. having a budget is great for selecting your options, but we believe that the “rules” about how much to spend on an engagement ring, such as the three months' salary rule, are antiquated and unnecessary. engagement ring etiquette is evolving with the times. to us, what matters is identifying a realistic and practical budget and finding a deeply meaningful and beautiful ring within it.

we'll always respect the boundaries you give us, and help you navigate our collections to find what you're looking for. at every price point, our rings are made with the highest quality, care, and ethical practices, so you can never go wrong!

where to buy an engagement ring

there is no right or wrong answer here— it just depends on what works best for you. of course, it's extra special to see the rings in person, but we know that that isn't always possible due to location— or discretion if you're trying to keep this a surprise!

if you can't make it into one of our store locations, we are still able to make some magic happen for you via our virtual appointments and guest experience team. we can send videos and photos of the rings from every angle, video chat with you, and keep you updated if appointments are made to see a one-of-a-kind ring you've had your eye on.

the magic of our rings
we make pieces that speak to the soul

our engagement rings are designed to create a soulful impression— each one is a piece of art to be worn every day. whether you choose a one-of-a-kind ring or a classic from our core collections, every piece was designed with intention, meaning, and symbolism. our designs span a diverse range of styles to suit everyone from the classic traditionalist to the free-spirited individualist and everyone in between. a beloved by bluboho ring has a unique presence and personality— just like your love.

our sapphires

we are leaders in creating artisan and one-of-a-kind (unique) sapphire engagement rings. we use sapphires for many reasons:

hardness and durability: at a 9-9.5 on the mohs scale, sapphires are durable enough to withstand daily wear over a lifetime.

reverence: revered throughout history for their romantic associations with fidelity, love, truth, and commitment, sapphires have been used in engagement rings for centuries— we love being part of the continuation of this tradition.

beauty: simply put, sapphires are incredibly beautiful stones that stand out in a crowd. with their colour-changing properties, broad range of colours, and eye-catching appeal, they strike a balance between tradition and originality. read more about
why we love sapphire engagement rings

montana sapphires

we predominantly use ethically sourced montana sapphires, which we favour for their ethical sourcing, traceability from mine to market, and their unique hues. they come in almost every colour— most notably, soft hues of blues, greens, pinks, violets, and yellows. we also love using bicolour sapphires for their unique colour combinations, adding depth and complexity to your ring.

artist-cut sapphires

artist-cut sapphires are, quite literally, works of art. these magical stones are shaped by hand by expert gem cutters to best highlight the unique beauty of the stone in its facets. every gem cutter has their own signature, style and specialty. most artist cuts are proprietary, meaning that the way the stone is cut in pattern, and the way of faceting, is owned by the gem cutter. these brilliant artists hand-select each gemstone and its design to highlight the stone's most striking features, which remain exclusive to the hands that crafted it.


our diamonds have been sourced ethically from all over the world and verified using the kimberley process, which is a worldwide organization uniting over 80 countries around the world that stand by ethical diamond mining practices. it is canadian law that diamonds entering the country are ethically sourced and verified by the kimberley process, and our sources have deep respect for this process.

our collections

our one-of-a-kind engagement rings: what makes them one-of-a-kind? we go out of our way to source unique sapphires in terms of their colour, shape, and size. each sapphire cannot be replicated because they are natural stones plucked from mother earth, often with unique qualities such as vivid colours, pale hues, shimmering internal minerals, or colour-changing properties. we always say our sapphires are waiting for their destined couple, and finding your ring can feel just as magical as finding your soulmate. the stones are then cut and polished by hand. each setting is thoughtfully designed and sketched by hand based on the shape, color and size of the stone to create a masterpiece. each stone is set into a bespoke setting created specially for that stone.

how to shop for an engagement ring: online or in-person

whether you visit us in-store or prefer to take your consultation from the comfort of your couch with a virtual appointment, you'll find a long-lost friend in our beloved by bluboho engagement ring experts. we offer complimentary, one-on-one sessions that are tailored to guide you through our rings in a pressure-free, fun, and meaningful way. we believe that this milestone should be celebrated & most importantly— enjoyed!

what can i expect at my appointment?

these appointments are one-on-one sessions where we educate our guests on our unique sapphires, the builds of our rings, and the inspiration and symbolism behind each piece. if you're bringing your partner, they can try them on and be styled with wedding ring pairings.

we will ensure that you are sized correctly and that you leave your appointment armed with all the crucial information about your top choices, along with links to the pieces and photos and videos to refer back to.

you will automatically be added to our exclusive beloved by bluboho list, and we will keep you informed if any appointments have been made to view your top choice rings or when we get new pieces in stock.

how to prepare for your appointment

  • take a look at our website to let us know which rings you love and gravitate towards the most. this way we can get a better understanding of taste and preferences, and ensure we have a complimentary selection at the store for you.
  • decide on your budget so that we can respect your boundaries and show you rings that are within your comfort zone.
  • come with an open mind! sometimes a favourite ring might have sold, and because they're one of a kind, it's gone for good. take heart— we have a wide variety of other stunning one-of-a-kind rings, and the one that's meant for you is waiting to be discovered amongst them...
  • make it a date: bring your beloved along for the ride— it's twice the fun! bringing your partner along can be just as romantic, and takes out a lot of the guesswork. by involving them in the ring-choosing process, you can guarantee that they'll love the ring you eventually present them with. if you want the proposal to be a surprise, that can still happen! many of our couples will narrow their selection down to a “shortlist” so they can be surprised at the proposal and know they'll end up with a ring they love.

Custom/bespoke creations

we are known for our one-of-a-kind engagement rings, and we have worked with so many couples to create bespoke creations. If you have a specific vision you'd like to create, get in touch: we would love to work with you on stone sourcing and creating your one-of-a-kind ring! as long as your request fits within our ethical and logistical parameters, we can make your dream come true.

Some customizations we can offer:

18k gold
White gold
Resizing (dependent on design elements)
Stone sourcing

Still have questions? Try our FAQ page for more information on our engagement rings, or text or call us at 647-273-6297

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