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the very best love stories are the ones that are true: our ever-growing collective of beloved couples share the stories of how they found each other and the rings that embody their everlasting love.

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dream come true

it was my dream ring. your staff is amazing.

  • chloe

    chloe is wearing a beloved engagement ring

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    an heirloom story

    my mother has passed some of her most precious jewelry onto me over the years, and i hope that my ring becomes an heirloom in my family with jeff someday. i look forward to telling our children about how special it was that he was able to choose the diamond out himself and be a part of the process of how this ring came to be.

    • lauren & jeff

      lauren is wearing a one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring

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      welcome to our story

      bluboho is so much more than a jewelry store— it’s a place that made me feel unabashedly welcome (big hugs included) and immediately made me want to become friends with the bluboho ladies…

      • kaylee & james

        kaylee is wearing a one-of-a-kind engagement ring and beloved wedding band and james is wearing a beloved wedding band

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        unique and incredible

        my future wife is unique and an incredible friend, so it was no surprise to find that she had a few ideas on what sort of ring she wanted when the time came, and just who could help her find it. we went to bluboho for all three rings, and all three feel uniquely suited to us.

        • laura & alan

          laura is wearing an endless beloved engagement ring

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          extra special love

          i had a feeling he was going to propose, but what surprised me was the beautiful and personalized engagement ring he designed with the bluboho team. huge thank you to bluboho for making our union all the more special.

          • nat

            nat is wearing an endless beloved engagement ring

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            a serendipitous moment

            we met 12 years ago on the first day of university, i had a crush on him from the moment we met, but we were in different friend groups. fast-forward two years later, in a serendipitous moment he was exiting a subway train as i was entering. we were inseparable ever since! he proposed in our most favourite part of toronto— the annex. i love my ring because it’s one-of-a-kind, just like our love. it is the perfect combination of delicate, vintage, and completely unique.

            • maddie

              maddie is wearing a beloved band and a one-of-a-kind right hand ring

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              an engagement to remember

              thank you again so much for all your advice and help! i really appreciated it all, and can’t wait to pop in to see you guys again.

              • karissa & dave
              • @kkuyt

              karissa is wearing an endless beloved engagement ring

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              ‘self-love’ engagement ring

              i worked closely with the bluboho team to reimagine this piece as an heirloom to honour the women in my family— a sort of ‘self-love’ engagement ring for the unengaged!

              • alyssa
              • @randomactsofpastel

              alyssa is wearing a one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring

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              a never-ending adventure

              i never want to stop exploring with you.

              • michelle & michelle

                michelle is wearing an endless beloved engagement ring

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                ‘just to take a quick peek’

                i wasn’t exactly subtle when i started to drop hints on the sort of engagement ring i wanted— i knew that i wanted something simple and timeless. after we stumbled into bluboho for the first time ‘just to take a quick peek’, we knew that we had found just the place. it was super important to me that the gem was ethically sourced, and matt and the bluboho team did not disappoint with my custom solitaire sapphire ring.

                • summer & matt

                  summer is wearing an endless mon coeur engagement ring

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                  my heart melted all over again

                  listening to soul’s vows and hearing what he promised and shared made my heart melt all over again.

                  • april & soul

                    april is wearing an endless beloved engagement ring

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                    beautifully crafted

                    such a beautifully crafted product and incredible service. would highly recommend. i’m so excited to share forever with the man i love.

                    • chelsea & michael

                      chelsea is wearing an endless beloved engagement ring and michael is wearing a bluboho beloved band

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                      a dream come true

                      bluboho’s thoughtful designs and delicate beauties have been so special to me over the years. i have jewelry from bluboho marking so many significant milestones, so getting my engagement ring from bluboho was a dream come true… joel knows me so well! this ring is so significant to me in so many ways.

                      • sofia & joel
                      • @sofiaafriesen

                      sofia is wearing an endless engagement ring

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                      the adventurous spirit

                      sapphires have always resonated with lexy as it’s her birthstone and she grew up coveting her mother’s sapphire engagement ring. adam picked a one-of-a-kind artist cut sapphire called Adventurous Spirit, which paired perfectly with his proposal. he proposed on Lake Como, and the vivid teal colours of the lake beautifully complimented the hue of her new sapphire heirloom

                      • lexy
                      • @lexymarieweddings @lexynicks

                      lexy is wearing a one-of-a-kind artist cut sapphire called adventurous spirit

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                      the most perfect proposal

                      we were out in alberta on a van camping trip. we woke up one morning and started hiking at 5am to catch the sunrise looking over lake louise and Lake agnes. we hiked up to devils thumb right after catching the sunrise and dan got down on one knee right at the edge of a cliff (terrifying lol). Im absolutely obsessed with the ring! It was the most perfect proposal spot and I’m reminded of it every time I look at my hand!

                      • samantha & dan
                      • @samanthaheatherf @danfab

                      samantha & dan is wearing a one-of-a-kind ring

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                      true bliss

                      when we first visited the store in Oakville, the store associates were kind and curious of our story which made the experience of choosing a ring even more meaningful. They went the extra mile with each interaction. I dreamt about having a ring that would spark a feeling and found it with the moonglade. Every time I look at it, it makes me feel love. It sparkles in such a beautiful and natural way. True bliss.

                      • shelby & mike

                        shelby is wearing the moonglade ring

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                        he knew about my obsession with bluboho

                        i had nothing to do with picking this ring. almost every piece of jewelry i own is from bluboho, so he knew about my obsession and took it upon himself to have you guys make it! he did it all over the phone/email— he didn't even lay eyes on the ring until he opened the box to propose, so it was a surprise for us both!

                        • meg & jordan

                          meg is wearing a one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring.

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                          mark a special moment

                          all my bluboho pieces mark a special moment in my life, so when it came to picking out my ring sam knew it had to come from bluboho. i had not-too-subtly been dropping hints for some time— meanwhile, my peach sapphire was being hidden from me in sam’s tool kit. sam popped the question at my cottage surrounded by my family and our dog, jazz. i am so in love with my one-of-a-kind ring, it is everything i wanted and more.

                          • alex & sam

                            alex is wearing a one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring

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                            the rest is history

                            anton and i met at my sister’s wedding six years ago, when my sister married anton’s cousin. it’s one of those crazy love stories where the bridesmaid and the groomsman were paired up and really hit it off… after a total of six weeks together and many months long distance, i decided to pack up my life in the uk to give it a shot in toronto, and the rest is history!

                            • rosalind & anton

                              rosalind is wearing a one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring.

                              names || socials

                              the perfect love

                              we have always purchased jewelry for each other from bluboho, so when it came to sourcing and creating the perfect engagement ring for one another, it was a no-brainer.

                              • danielle & amanda

                                danielle is wearing beloved endless engagement ring and amanda is wearing beloved endless engagement ring

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                                the ring for me

                                what drew me to this ring was how dainty it was. i’m always wearing the twisted sister and the faceted felicity stacking rings together, so i wanted something that would play off those. after visiting the store and speaking with someone who worked there, we tried on a few options and then decided this was the ring for me. it fits perfectly beside my engagement ring and complements it beautifully. i love how it looks on its own as well.

                                • jenn & duncan

                                  names || socials

                                  my fiancée’s favourite jewelry store

                                  bluboho has been my fiancée’s favourite jewelry store since she worked in downtown toronto. since she introduced me to bluboho they have been my go-to for gifts for her, my mom, and my sister. the whole staff has made getting the engagement ring and making sure it’s perfect easier than i ever thought it would be.

                                  • lauren & william

                                    lauren is wearing a one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring

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                                    unique and perfect

                                    i honestly couldn’t have picked out a more unique and perfect ring myself— it’s everything i dreamed of and more. he knew that an ethically sourced, one-of-a kind engagement ring made with recycled gold would be the icing on the cake, and it honestly makes me love it so much more. i love all the bluboho jewelry, it’s so gorgeous and just so special.

                                    • kaylie & marshall

                                      kaylie is wearing a one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring

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                                      simple and timeless

                                      i wish i knew about bluboho’s wedding bands before i chose mine…so instead, i bought my wedding band after my actual wedding. with my engagement ring being an heirloom and tough to match with a lot of styles, i chose the endalaus ii band to wear next to it: simple, timeless, and very sparkly. it compliments my grandmother’s ring perfectly.

                                      • danielle

                                        danielle is wearing endalaus ii wedding band

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                                        once-in-a-lifetime story

                                        bluboho grabbed me from the beginning of looking for engagement rings. the in-store experience is what sold us. the rings were even more gorgeous in person, and jordan made it feel like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. what drew me to this ring specifically was the rose gold and unique colour of the stone. with the ablaze ring and ability to stack with other wonderful pieces, it is just everything i had dreamed of and more.

                                        • brittany & michael

                                          brittany is wearing an endless beloved engagement ring

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                                          jaw dropping moments

                                          i’d gone to so many places to try on rings, but i loved bluboho because i didn’t want something too traditional— and because the rings you carry are just special. as soon as i tried on my ring, nish’s jaw dropped. i think the green is so beautiful, it’s perfect for my skin tone. i didn’t realize he’d bought it, so i was so excited when he presented me with it in tulum. honestly i can’t imagine a ring more suited to me, i feel like it captures my essence and our relationship perfectly.

                                          • siff & nish

                                            siff is wearing one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring

                                            names || socials

                                            vision of love

                                            i’ve been following bluboho and ogling over all of your beautiful jewels for the past few years, so you can imagine i was over the moon when pete proposed with this stunning ring. i’m truly a lucky lady. i purchased myself a bluboho tiarella ring a few years ago as an ode to myself for being a strong, independent woman, so i know the type of treatment and service pete likely received when coming into the store to purchase the ring.

                                            • jessica & pete

                                              jessica is wearing one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring

                                              names || socials

                                              something unique

                                              i spent a lot of time looking at different styles and consulting torie’s close friends and sisters. i wanted something unique (like her), something delicate and vintage-looking without being too ornate. of course, i knew she loved bluboho—so i creeped the store’s insta on the regular. i came across this one-of-a-kind sapphire ring and felt it checked all the boxes. i love how it changes colour under different lighting, just like torie’s eyes— blue to green.

                                              • torie & brock

                                                torie is wearing one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring

                                                names || socials

                                                dream to reality!

                                                i have been in love with the reverie band for years! each time i look at it, i am reminded of flowers and leaves seen on walks with my now husband. with each ring being so connected to nature and so wonderfully unique, they are the perfect celebration of who my husband and i are as a couple. thank you, bluboho, for creating such intricate and personal pieces that mean so much— and especially for having such kind and caring staff who go above and beyond in making each dream a reality!

                                                • samantha & nevin

                                                  samantha is wearing reverie band

                                                  names || socials

                                                  roots for love

                                                  we chose bluboho because of its roots in community. it was an amazing experience from start to finish, and we were so happy they ethically sourced their stones. we were floored when we found our ring; we loved the green sapphire because it represented our roots in ireland, and when we found out it was from the missouri river— which was literally in alex’s backyard— we bought it together on the spot.

                                                  • sonia & alex

                                                    sonia is wearing one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring

                                                    names || socials

                                                    my heart

                                                    i chose mon coeur because of the wonderful pink colouring in the morganite stone that matched beautifully with the rose gold— and also the name fit perfectly with what i wanted to give her. thanks to the bluboho team for being such a great help!

                                                    • sandra & fred

                                                      sandra is wearing mon coeur ring

                                                      names || socials

                                                      nothing but support and love

                                                      i had been a follower of bluboho for a while; i love their products and the passion that they have for what they do. maddie and her team did not disappoint…i felt nothing but support and love from the team. i knew that with jessica’s personality, just any ring would not do… i knew this was the best place to find the perfect ring. as soon as i saw the collection and saw this beautiful blue sapphire shine in real life i instantly knew this was the one for jess.

                                                      • jessica
                                                      • @jesstirimacco

                                                      jessica is wearing one-of-a-kind beloved sapphire engagement ring

                                                      names || socials

                                                      a winter wonderland

                                                      it was january, and we had just finished brunch when i suggested a walk in high park. on our way home the “light flurries” had turned into a massive snowstorm... i insisted, so we dressed up in our snowsuits and went out for a winter wonderland walk to remember. i didn’t know where i was going to pop the question, but we found a private nook. as she was looking around, i whipped out the ring and knelt down on one knee. i was so nervous... and when she turned around, i asked her to marry me.

                                                      • mélanie & luke

                                                        mélanie is wearing a one-of-a-kind beloved sapphire engagement ring

                                                        names || socials

                                                        a beautiful balance

                                                        to us, the moonbow and the ablaze are unique and delicate, but also symbolize a beautiful balance: the balance of love, and the balance of us. love provides us sprinkles of heat like the sun, and the calm of the night sky… these bands symbolize so many memories we have experienced together… and under the stars and the moon we retreated into the intimacy of the night. together we will continue to experience this beautiful thing called life, cradled in between the sun and the moon.

                                                        • melissa & jason

                                                          melissa is wearing the moonbow and ablaze wedding bands

                                                          names || socials

                                                          the ring, the one

                                                          he knew i always wanted something different: a ring that no-one else would have. little did i know he spent many restless nights searching for the perfect ring. he would picture each ring on my finger, but when he came across ring #9 he knew right away that that was ‘the one’.

                                                          • johanna & lesly

                                                            johanna is wearing beloved unnamed collection engagement ring

                                                            names || socials

                                                            truly one-of-a-kind

                                                            i’ve been a fan of bluboho for many years now, and their engagement rings are truly unparalleled. i never liked halo settings until i saw bluboho’s... as soon as we saw a periwinkle version (my favourite colour) of a ring i had been admiring for so long, we knew it was the one. taylor was able to work with the bluboho team (all of whom i’ve come to think of as friends) to come up with a name that truly represented our story. just like the rings, the bluboho experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

                                                            • amanda & taylor

                                                              amanda is wearing a beloved unnamed collection engagement ring

                                                              names || socials

                                                              over the moon

                                                              i fell in love with the rose gold moonstruck ring as soon as i saw it. its simple beauty and uniqueness were the two parts i appreciated most about it. when we started talking about marriage i let nick know that the moonstruck ring was my ring of choice, and i’m over the moon (pun intended)... i can’t stop looking at it! i’m excited because my wedding band(s) will be bluboho stacking rings, too! they will add that additional unique touch to my wedding ensemble that i love.

                                                              • brooke & nick

                                                                brooke is wearing a beloved engagement ring.

                                                                names || socials

                                                                romantic & beautiful

                                                                i love that my wedding band is romantic and beautiful, but doesn’t look too traditional. we’re not a traditional couple, and i wanted something unique… ryan even said ‘all of them are nice, but that one is different and more like you’.

                                                                • michelle & ryan
                                                                • @intl_peach

                                                                michelle is wearing a beloved nesting wedding band

                                                                names || socials

                                                                nothing but pure joy

                                                                we felt such genuine care and excitement from every single member of the bluboho team. we can’t tell you how much each of these interactions has meant to us. i feel as though that ring was made for ali, and finally being able to see her wear it brings me nothing but pure joy.

                                                                • ali & tate

                                                                  ali is wearing one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring

                                                                  names || socials

                                                                  the love of my life

                                                                  i have always wanted a bluboho engagement ring— i have been dreaming of a pink sapphire one since we started dating. little did i know, he was so organized and had his eye on them too! the ring is everything i imagined and more. i knew i wanted a timeless one-of-a-kind piece that is truly just mine, and that’s exactly what i got. i am so excited to marry the love of my life… and of course cannot wait to pick out a bluboho wedding band too.

                                                                  • hannah & brant

                                                                    hannah is wearing a one-of-a-kind ring

                                                                    names || socials

                                                                    the perfect reason

                                                                    growing up in oakville i always dreamed of having a special piece from bluboho— and i knew that my wedding was the perfect reason to visit. maddie helped me find not only my wedding band, but also my earrings for the big day! i felt so good in my bluboho jewelry, it really was a dream come true!

                                                                    • jamie & adam

                                                                      jamie is wearing our alate wedding band

                                                                      names || socials

                                                                      serendipitously & unexpectedly

                                                                      my fiancé darren and i met very serendipitously and unexpectedly— finding each other truly felt like coming home. this ring is all about celebrating that moment— one of true passion and chance bringing us to the biggest love of all. plus, the colour of the sapphire adjusts to its natural environment and dances in light and shadow, which speaks to who i am as an individual too. it’s my daily reminder of true, easy love, and the kismet way that it finds you.

                                                                      • courtney & darren

                                                                        courtney is wearing a one-of-a-kind ring

                                                                        names || socials

                                                                        grow old together

                                                                        we have grown up together, and now we can grow old together. i think we both knew we would end up together and never felt the need to rush. he proposed on our 11th year anniversary, and it was perfect. on the day he proposed, we went away for the weekend to celebrate. once we got to the beautiful fairytale-like mill he gave me a book he made: “the story of us”— it was a story of all the wonderful memories we made. when i closed the book, he proposed, and we started our new chapter as fiancés.

                                                                        • sandra & david

                                                                          sandra is wearing our white dahlia ring

                                                                          names || socials

                                                                          an obvious choice

                                                                          vicky is canadian (i’m american) so using a canadian jeweler that has some sentimental value, was an obvious choice. when the border finally opened and we were able to make the trip to toronto it felt like the perfect time to propose in front of her family. i can’t thank the bluboho staff enough for all their help and support throughout the (way too long) process and for helping to make such an incredible memory for our family.

                                                                          • vicky & sam

                                                                            vicky is wearing a one-of-a-kind ring

                                                                            names || socials

                                                                            simply beautiful

                                                                            when it came time to select our engagement ring, bluboho was the obvious choice for me because it was local, approachable, and simply beautiful. the team went out of their way to send my size in multiple styles of rings to the location where i had my appointment, which made the selection process simple and easy: i was able to try everything i was interested in and make an informed decision.

                                                                            • victoria & graham

                                                                              victoria is wearing our daybreak ring.

                                                                              names || socials

                                                                              forever in love

                                                                              we always wanted a unique engagement ring, and we felt drawn to the dainty aesthetic of bluboho— and all that the brand represents. we wanted a light green to blue sapphire, but could never have dreamt of the stone maddie sourced for us. it is so dynamic, changing from soft sage green to light clear blue depending on the light. we loved being involved in the design process and felt so at home with the team. the ring is exceptional, out of the ordinary, and captures our love perfectly.

                                                                              • adelyn & rob

                                                                                adelyn is wearing a one-of-a-kind ring

                                                                                names || socials

                                                                                suits me, and us, perfectly!

                                                                                john has a honeycomb tattoo on his forearm, and i have a bee tattoo on my arm, so it became a little joke between us that we were meant to be because my bee had a home. so, when i was browsing for rings and i saw the capella, it was it. a more perfect ring couldn’t exist for us. also, i didn’t want anything that would stick up and catch on anything, so the flat profile was perfect. It suits me, and us, perfectly.

                                                                                • alex & john

                                                                                  alex is wearing rose-cut white diamond capella ring

                                                                                  names || socials

                                                                                  our own little christmas miracle

                                                                                  the production team at bluboho surprised us with matching wedding bands that have diamonds hidden on the inside. it was the catalyst that moved us to plan our wedding in 24 hours. it felt like our own little christmas miracle.

                                                                                  • maggie(bluboho owner) & drew

                                                                                    maggie(bluboho owner) is wearing matching gold everlast wedding band and drew is wearing matching gold everlast wedding band

                                                                                    names || socials

                                                                                    a subtle beauty

                                                                                    i consider myself an untraditional person, so i wanted an untraditional ring. the idea of something generic and easily duplicated didn’t suit my lifestyle or appropriately represent my love story with jeff. i wanted an eco-conscious ring of subtle beauty that could blend into my busy lifestyle, but could be embellished with additional bands. I picked the sable ring with my favourite grey t-shirt in mind—i can dress it up or dress it down, and i always feel good wearing it!

                                                                                    • diana & jeff

                                                                                      diana is wearing one-of-a-kind beloved sapphire engagement ring

                                                                                      names || socials

                                                                                      over the rainbow

                                                                                      over a month ago, adam was at the cottage by himself, and after a little rainstorm, a rainbow appeared and actually ended at the raft. he and i had both never seen where a rainbow ended before, and he took it as a sign from god. he proposed to me august 23rd, at the cottage, literally on the raft.

                                                                                      • barbara & adam

                                                                                        barbara is wearing a one-of-a-kind sapphire ring

                                                                                        names || socials

                                                                                        perfect in every way

                                                                                        i would always drop subtle hints to justin that i loved bluboho jewelry. i would scroll through their instagram page while snuggling on the couch, or sometimes i’d be a bit more obvious and just nudge him when we would walk past the queen street location. he would just laugh and we’d continue on walking. 10 years later, he delivered in the best way possible. this ring is perfect in every way. it was made for me.

                                                                                        • char & justin

                                                                                          char is wearing one-of-a-kind sapphire ring

                                                                                          names || socials

                                                                                          truly star moment

                                                                                          we made an appointment with the queen street store manager and she gave us the full run down— truly star treatment. from the second we walked in the door, we felt so special. she made the experience feel so exciting rather than overwhelming, and i really trusted her to help me find something that represented us well.

                                                                                          • laura

                                                                                            laura is wearing a sapphire beloved wedding band

                                                                                            names || socials

                                                                                            the right fit

                                                                                            our wedding band couldn’t have fit our love story better. our journey together taught us that there is so much potential for innumerable peaks in life, and the summit band represented just that.

                                                                                            • lauren

                                                                                              lauren is wearing the summit band ring

                                                                                              names || socials

                                                                                              sweet words of love

                                                                                              the whole bluboho team is like an extended family for me. they’re just the nicest people in the world.

                                                                                              • camilla

                                                                                                camilla is wearing a one-of-a-kind beloved engagement ring


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