January 25, 2023

symbolic jewelry: gift ideas for valentine’s day

when it comes to gifting, it's often said that it's the thought that counts— but what if that thought could be translated into something tangible that could be worn and cherished for years to come? 

this is where symbolic jewelry enters the chat. 

if you’re looking for valentine’s day gift ideas, or simply want to build a collection you can keep and love forever, look no further. we’re the experts on meaningful gold jewelry.

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what’s so special about symbolic jewelry?

symbolic jewelry holds a specific meaning or significance— sometimes, you’ll connect to a piece of jewelry because of its meaning, and others will take on meaning as you wear it. either way, it is a beautiful way to express your love that can be worn close to the heart. these pieces transcend passing trends and become lifelong fixtures in your jewelry collection. 

you probably already have a piece of symbolic jewelry: an engagement ring or wedding ring; heirloom jewelry from a family member; or the jewelry you got to mark a milestone such as a graduation or a birthday. these are the pieces that tell our stories, all our most precious moments immortalized in gold.

symbolic birthstone jewelry

one of the most popular forms of symbolic jewelry is the birthstone. birthstones have a long history and are said to have mystical powers, giving your gift an extra layer of meaning. giving a piece of jewelry with a birthstone that corresponds to the person's birth month is a way to show that you put thought into their gift and also hold a special meaning—- but this is not the only way our birthstone charms can add meaning to a gift. 

add a serendipity charm to mark milestones, memories, and moments: first dates, anniversaries, and favourite memories can all be commemorated with this sweet and understated detail. if you met your partner in september, add a sapphire serendipity charm to commemorate the moment your paths crossed. did you get engaged on valentine’s day? mark the moment with an amethyst serendipity charm

as your love progresses, you can keep marking your moments with new charms— get creative, the possibilities are endless.

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symbolic custom jewelry engraving

another popular form of symbolic jewelry is jewelry with an engraved initial or message. engraving a special message, initial, or date on a piece of jewelry makes it unique, personal, and meaningful. it could be a reminder of a special event, a heartfelt quote, or even a simple “i love you”. a piece of engraved jewelry is a perfect gift for occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays because it shows how much thought went into your gift— making your special someone feel extra special. 

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shop by symbolic meaning: contemplation cards

all of our pieces are crafted with intention and symbolism— and our magical bluboho contemplation cards are a beautiful way to explore our jewelry by its symbolic meaning.

whether you pull a card and ask a question to guide you to a piece that relates to the moment, choose based on which card resonates with you, or choose a meaning and explore the corresponding pieces, there are so many ways to connect to the cards and the pieces they represent. 

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shop by symbolic meaning:

romantic love

deep love

cosmic love, connection to the universe

the cosmos


kindred spirits

new beginnings

moon phases


bright star

trust, inner beauty

the oyster


the ocean


the lightning bolt

courage, rebirth

the serpent


the abacus

good luck

the lucky one

hard work, community, teamwork

the beehive

strength, resilience, joy

the wildflower

free spirit

tie-dye moonchild

interconnection, grounding

the forest spirit

symbolic jewelry is a timeless gift that can be passed down from generation to generation. it's a way to keep memories and sentiments alive, making it a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

we hope that this has given you some insight into why we love symbolic jewelry. as a gift or simply a “treat-yourself” moment, it’s a unique and meaningful way to express your feelings and mark special moments in life. 

the most meaningful additions to a jewelry collection hold a special significance, and because of this, they can be cherished for a lifetime. next time you're looking for a gift, consider giving symbolic jewelry— it's sure to be appreciated and treasured.

Written By jasmin mcmullan
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