March 10, 2022

jewelry stacking 101

you probably already know that we are big believers in jewelry with meaning, heart, and soul… but what you may not know is that stacking your jewelry can be a practice in curation, styling, and storytelling. customize your look with a unique combination of pieces that tell a story, symbolize a milestone, or manifest a wish for yourself. it’s truly an art form– not only does a stack create a nuanced detail for your look, it can also help you get more wear and variation out of your pieces. whether you’re looking for a chic and minimalist stack for everyday wear or an opulent glam look, mix-and-match, layer up, and have fun with it– the world is your oyster.

general tips:

  • think about wearability– how do your necklaces sit with the neckline of your shirt? will your wrist stack be hidden by your sleeves? scroll down for some expert advice from our virtual stylist for tips and tricks.
  • rules were made to be broken: play around with mixed metals, statement pieces, and fun combinations that tell your story. your stack should speak to you and feel expressive– so be creative! 

  • rings:

    whether you’re keeping it simple and minimalistic or going bold to make a statement, ring stacks are a wonderfully expressive way to add depth to your look and to tell your story. 

    if you're a beginner ring-stacker, we have the perfect breakdown of our ring stack mvps: 

    let your imagination run wild– mix different metals to create an eclectic look, play with negative space by picking certain fingers to stack up or leave bare, colour-coordinate gems and enamel with your manicure– the possibilities are endless!

notes from our virtual stylist: 

when stacking, i typically like to start with the thicker pieces and statement rings. much like building a house, building a strong foundation makes it a lot easier to picture the end look. when stacking rings try to keep a balance by using 1-2 statement/thicker band rings on each hand. my personal favorites for this would be our tree bark stability, peaks and valleys, wishbone ring, and sandbar signet! add in your delicate stackers and stone rings to complete the look, integrating pointed and curved rings to ‘top’ a stack off (try mini moonbow or hammered bump).




[How to stack visions of the night sky ]


necklaces might be the most exciting pieces to stack: as they sit at the centre of your look, you’ll find that they can truly bring together your outfit, elevating your styling experience. layer up your chokers, pendants, and chains to add a touch of luxury to even the simplest of outfits.

notes from our virtual stylist: 

when creating a stack there are a number of things to consider: length, weight, chain style, and stone. i typically recommend finding small– but important– similarities between pieces, for example pairing the moonchild medallion necklace with our infinite inseparable necklace. their chain style is the same, which creates an overall cohesive look! 


you can also look for little nuances– i.e. pieces that feature a polished emblem with a more polished chain (think guidance multi-star choker + revival herringbone choker, or boldly inseparable necklace + imprint necklace). another thing to consider is the integration of different textures to create accent points– drawing the eye to follow the story of your stack, much like a curator of your own art exhibit! 


[Necklaces with different lengths:]

Idea: Start your stack with a strong textured piece like the pirouette choker– moving into a finer chain with a signature symbol like the everyday crescent necklace, integrate your stone– perhaps something that will hang a little lower on the neckline like our diamond lean on me necklace, and finish it off with something to anchor the look and make a statement, like our new eternal gaze pendant!



wear your heart on your sleeve with pieces that speak to your story– build a wrist stack that has varying chain styles, charms, and little details to make you smile. for tips and inspiration, check out our tiktoks! 

notes from our virtual stylist: 

nothing feels quite as decadent as wearing a shimmering gold bracelet each day– and sometimes, more is more! a multi-stack can be an easy way to tell your story and showcase your own personal style. similar to our necklace stacks, you can always attach more than one bracelet together for easy stacking. beyond that, an easy beginner stacking tip we love to recommend is starting with a thicker chain, such as the resolute or boldly inseparable, then moving to a medium-width piece like the pirouette or lasso, and then finally adding a fine chain piece to feature a symbol/pendant, for example, our ayla bracelet or the diamond sandbar bracelet.



earring stacks are a perfect way to create subtle details full of character and personality, plotting your own unique asterisms and constellations along your ear.


[Stacking inspo:]

for those with multiple piercings, play around with fun combinations of hoops, huggies, studs, and threaders to layer up your look. If you don’t have multiple piercings, don’t worry– you can still join the fun! our sturdy and steadfast ear cuffs stay in place all day, adding style and novelty to your look– no new piercing necessary.


[Threader how-to:]


[Threader inspo: ]


notes from our virtual stylist: 

much like stacking rings, balance is key for ear stacks, but that doesn’t mean always having your ear stacks being completely mirrored… if I am being completely honest, my favorite ear looks are all asymmetrical! 

balance can be achieved by considering similar textures, stones, and overall sizes. for example, while i might start an ear stack off with a shine on hoop for each ear (first hole), you could try two different studs– like the little stella and little crescent stud– telling a story of your journey through the universe, reaching for the moon and embracing your time amongst the stars!


threaders are also a really fun way to jazz up any look, especially because the dainty chain permits you to wear a stud/hoop in the same hole that they are threaded through! there are also so many different ways to wear threaded earrings, so be sure to try weaving them through multiple holes and experimenting with what feels most like you!

[Thursdays are for stacking: ]

Written By Ava Gupta
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