Rose Gold Everyday Little Crescent Moon Necklace - 14k Rose Gold


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The word “crescent” comes from the Latin term ceres meaning to “bring forth, create, or thrive.” The crescent moon in this beauty represents all the promises that come with a new phase in our lives. Without fresh beginnings we would never know our full potential to grow as individuals, and so we celebrate the moon and her guidance during times of transition.

let’s all dream a bit about a yellow gold crescent moon necklace

romance and truth. endurance and freedom. meaning and feeling. rawness and beauty. at bluboho fine handmade jewellery we’ve been catching and sharing dreams for a number of years now. we want to invite you into our special realm and share with you some of the most intriguing and charming personal items you could ever wish to own.

our unique jewelry pieces, such as our everyday little crescent moon necklace, with its fairy light gold chain is designed to create and capture those special moments you want to share with the people you love. always intentional, and never mass produced, our everyday little crescent moon necklace and other stunning pieces are inspired by travel, joy, and meaningful relationships. to see them is enchanting. to touch their fine daintiness is exquisite. to wear one is divine.

at bluboho jewelry we cherish our partnerships with some of the most talented jewelry designers from around the globe. we select our craftsmen as a result of their creative vision, ethical practices and the touch of magic in their creations. we are honoured to offer our discerning clients special items from the small collections and one of a kind pieces from these fine artists. one such piece is the yellow gold everyday little crescent moon necklace. canada is fortunate to have access to the exceptional quality and unique designs of these marvelous pieces of jewelry.

gold: wealth, prosperity, grandeur, elegance, prestige and luxury

the gold everyday little crescent moon necklace from the creative team at bluboho jewelry captures the essence of what a piece of gold jewelry can mean in any relationship. it rings of value, luxury and elegance. the everyday little crescent moon necklace gold piece comes in both the traditional yellow gold and also in rose gold. both are illustrated on our website for your consideration.

while we’re all familiar with yellow gold, rose gold is not so common. yet this rendition of gold turns out to be an ideal material for our everyday little crescent moon jewelry which we sell with pride and confidence. rose gold is an alloy. it involves the combination of copper and gold giving jewelry a pinkish or reddish hue depending upon the amount of copper used. some people believe that rose gold is more romantic due to its pinkish-red colouring. its durability is not in question. the addition of copper often makes our rose gold everyday little crescent moon necklace stronger and longer lasting due to the durability of copper. we also think you’ll find these necklace moon pieces quite charming and adorable.

gold crescent necklace: fine craftsmanship at its best

our free spirited jewelry, and certainly our yellow or rose gold crescent moon necklace are designed to delight you and engender feelings of affection. take a look at this charming necklace online and you’ll certainly be delighted by these fine ‘objects d’art’. created with recycled 14 karat gold, they come in an adjustable length with extenders at 15” and 16”. this exquisite everyday little crescent moon necklace gold piece is handmade in toronto exclusively for bluboho jewelry.

let’s consider the historical and spiritual significance of the everyday little crescent moon necklace and moon jewelry in general. the crescent moon, in the time of the greeks and romans, was associated with the goddess diana, the goddess of childbirth and women as well as the goddess of fertility, chastity, the hunt, nature, wild animals and the woodland. by wearing a crescent necklace you share in these traditional associations with this early phase of the moon.

the term “crescent” comes for the latin term ‘ceres’ meaning to ‘bring forth, create or thrive’. so the crescent necklace in this attractive jewelry represents all the promises that come with a new phase in our lives. these fresh beginnings allow us to move closer to our full potential as we grow as individuals. and so, our crescent necklace on its delicate golden chain is a hopeful symbol of change, growth and fulfillment.

enjoy and treasure a crescent moon necklace from bluboho

at bluboho jewelry we only select tasteful yet fabulous jewelry pieces from unique designers from around the globe. we carefully source our hand fashioned and one of a kind pieces from some of the most talented artisans in the jewelry marketplace today. we know that you’ll find the limited edition items we offer online and in our stores to be charming and attractive.

purchase one of our dainty crescent moon phase necklaces. it will bring you a certain joy and pleasure in the years ahead. take some time, enjoy the beautiful jewelry on our website while considering your next purchase for that special person, or that special occasion. we know that you’ll be pleased with what you find. if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. we’re always available at or by phone at 647-273-6297. we look forward to hearing from you.

  • 14k yellow or rose recycled gold
  • adjustable length: extenders at 15" and 16″ 
  • handmade locally in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho

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