our origin story

bluboho's journey started in 2010 when a pair of determined women were inspired to make a difference in the world of fine jewelry. their vision was inspired by the desire to offer deeply-meaningful jewelry paired with a beautiful, nurturing experience.

driven by their passion for sustainable jewelry rich in storytelling and a desire to encourage conscious consumerism, they dedicated themselves to crafting something extraordinary. the result is bluboho: raw, refined, sustainable fine jewelry that would mark the most significant milestones in our lives.

part of this journey led us to create beloved by bluboho: engagement and wedding jewelry designed for every moment from popping the question to saying “i do”.

we specialize in unique sapphire engagement rings and diamond wedding bands, all of which are thoughtfully designed and handmade.

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our name

bluboho: blu as the sea and sky, imparting the notion of endless possibility,
boho to celebrate the free-spirited lifestyle our pieces embody.

our name is an emblem of who we are and what we do—handmade fine jewelry steeped in storied meaning, grounded in the natural world, alive with spirit and personality.

over the years, bluboho has evolved from a name into a love story. it is a brand, a collective, and an experience that finds meaning in connection— to the earth, to each other, and to ourselves— through the moments that define our lives.

a note from our founder: the bluboho ethos

"we are cosmic beings on a human journey and our lives are created through a series of moments. we believe these moments are our legacy, and we exist to ensure they live on.

bluboho was born from a desire to bookmark life's moments. we believe in the magic of connection

and shared experience— that through our jewelry we can celebrate, mourn, share our stories, contemplate the world around us, and connect deeply… because ultimately, that is why we're here."

— maggie aurocco


our process is led by a love for the earth: the source of our deepest inspiration and natural materials.

we have a deep reverence for the natural world. we have always been inspired by the beauty and magic of nature. we set out to find ways to honour mother earth by telling her stories.

our environmentalism is an ongoing practice and conversation, and we are always seeking new ways to innovate. we are always working hard to minimize our impact through all of our actions, big and small.

artistry + contemplation

each bluboho piece is designed to embody a symbolic story that inspires a moment of contemplation.

between the vendors who source our materials, our in-house designer, gemologist, creative team and production team, and the expert artisans who handcraft each piece, our jewelry is a labour of love born out of creative collaboration.

we want our jewelry to become the accent notes that capture your precious memories and tell your life story, adding personal details and nuances to your self-expression.

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