one-of-a-kind sapphire engagement rings

one-of-a-kind sapphire engagement rings
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evergreen collection

trees are symbols of strength and loyalty: deeply rooted, supporting each other through the changing seasons. love is much the same: lovers nurture and embrace one another, bearing witness to their growth, standing united in evergreen love.

aspen sapphire ring facing forward
aspen sapphire ring on hand

aspen one-of-a-kind-ring


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gingko green sapphire ring front
gingko green sapphire ring on hand

ginkgo one-of-a-kind-ring


shades of blu collection

our world is blue at its edges: vast oceans, hopeful skies, far-off horizons. blue means life; in lifelong love, blue is the colour of home. this collection honours the connective power of earth’s blue haze, an embodiment of all true love gives us.

unwritten collection

to bestow a name is to set an intention: it is a dream and a promise. engagement rings are a vow of lifelong love— a new chapter in your love story. the ‘unwritten’ collection is comprised of nine stunning masterpieces waiting to be named by you.

wanderlust collection

inspired by free-spirited travel and our favourite romantic destinations, the wanderlust collection is an ode to adventure. travel inspires us, making impressions on our souls— and much like it, love awakens the heart to new depths and possibilities.

lakeside collection

golden days spent lakeside live forever in memory. inspired by the natural beauty of cottage country, the lakeside collection whisks us away to daydreams of trips gone by, and reminds us of all the idyllic moments yet to be made together.

your quintessence collection

the elusive essence of your lover’s soul is a beauty to behold forever. the your quintessence collection strives to emulate the spirit of your beloved in each artist-cut sapphire engagement ring— which, like your love, is one-of-a-kind.


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