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our sapphires

we are best in the world at crafting unique engagement rings using montana sapphires.

revered throughout history for their beauty, sapphires have been a popular choice for engagement rings for generations.

our founder, maggie aurocco, set out to make our engagement rings soulful future heirlooms, handmade as ethically and sustainably as possible— and since then we've never looked back. the sapphires we use are predominantly sourced from montana, and we want to share some information about what makes a montana sapphire engagement ring so special.

montana sapphires naturally occur in a wide variety of shades and colours

the mohs scale of hardness

sapphires score a 9 out of 10 on the mohs scale, which makes them a durable and heirloom-quality alternative to a diamond ring

we love montana sapphires for their traceability from mine to market, and the high ethical standards around sourcing them. we work closely with our small team in montana to ensure that the sapphires have been sourced under safe working conditions for the miners, while leaving as little an environmental impact as possible. many of the sapphires we use have been sifted gently from the rivers instead of dug from the earth.

the history of sapphire rings

symbolic of romantic love, truth, and commitment, sapphires have long been an intuitive choice for an engagement ring. their popularity spread through various royal families in the 14th and 15th centuries, and in the 18th century, the appeal for a montana sapphire ring grew even more widespread.

our sapphires are ethically sourced from rock creek and el dorado in montana, where sapphires were first discovered around 1865 by gold rush prospectors seeking out gold in the missouri river.

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montana sapphire rings come in a full spectrum of colours

montana sapphires are particularly special because of the broad variety of colours they come in: typically softer shades such as soft sea-glass greens and ethereal, smoky grey-blues, pastel lilacs and pinks, peachy yellows and oranges, and almost any other shade imaginable. no two stones are truly alike— guaranteeing you a one-of-a-kind piece.

did you know we even have our own colour scale?

we love using ethically-sourced sapphires in our one-of-a-kind beloved pieces because of their variety of shades and colours, traceability from mine to market, and the high ethical standards around sourcing them.

most of our montana sapphires are natural stones that have been cut and polished to bring out their natural beauty. sometimes, sapphires are heat-treated to coax a more intensely saturated colour and increase the clarity of the stone.

heat treatment is an entirely safe process that does not weaken or threaten the integrity of the stone. if a stone is heat-treated, the treatment is permanent and will never change or wear off.

we love sapphires in all their shades, so we carry both heat-treated and untreated sapphires in order to offer a wide range of options.

so, why montana sapphire rings?

there are a plethora of reasons why to choose a montana sapphire engagement ring:

sapphires score a 9-9.5 out of 10 on the mohs hardness scale— a close runner-up only to diamonds, which score a 10. this makes the sapphire an excellent choice for an engagement ring: sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and last for generations as a future heirloom.

no two sapphires are alike. each is unique in colour and cut, as inimitable as your love story.

as the birthstone for september, sapphires make a perfect choice for honouring september-born beloveds!

montana sapphires are some of the most ethically sourced stones on the market.

sapphires offer a lot of value, as they offer colours, cuts, shapes and sizes that aren't readily available in other stones, including diamonds.

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