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tie dye moon child medallion ring lightbox photo
tie dye moon child medallion ring on body}

tie dye moon child medallion ring


stunning 14k yellow gold dainty band with etching to reflect the shedding of snake skin or beginning a new. bluboho exclusive
the serpent is an undeniable symbol of personal growth and renewal. as a snake sheds its skin, it takes on an entirely new form. formative experiences in our own lives have much the same effect; never compromising our true selves, we are constantly finding ourselves changed with new knowledge, wisdom, and love. snakes slough off the past with every new skin, so ask yourself: what do you need to shake off so you can expand your horizons?

revival stacking ring


revival blue sapphire snake ring lightbox photo
revival blue sapphire snake ring on body}

revival blue sapphire snake ring


serendipity blue sapphire ring lightbox photo
serendipity blue sapphire ring on body}

serendipity blue sapphire ring


blue sapphire vibrant band lightbox photo
blue sapphire vibrant band on body}

blue sapphire vibrant band



black diamond vibrant band lightbox photo
black diamond vibrant band on body}

black diamond vibrant band



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