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tie dye moon child medallion ring

tie dye moon child medallion ring

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The Story

the tie-dye moon child is an introspective creative, a compassionate caretaker of the earth and the human collective. inspired by the kaleidoscopic intuition of these free spirits, this full-moon-shaped medallion ring, made to match our moon child medallion necklace, is coloured by a skyscape of star-set sapphires, the hues of which vary from piece to piece— making each ring as unique and as magical as the one who wears it.


  • 14k recycled yellow gold
  • ethically sourced blue sapphires
  • handmade locally in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho



tie-dye moonchild
how to amplify this energy:
reconnect to your purpose, create art and music, journal
all colours of sapphire, turquoise
tie-dye moonchild medallion, tie-dye something blue, tie-dye insight, peacefully
energy centre:
crown of head, throat
the tie-dye moonchild
free-spirit, inner guidance, unwavering values

the tie-dye moonchild is introspective and creative, a compassionate caretaker of the earth and the human collective. she is a living interpretation of a tie-dyed tapestry, embodying and seeing beauty in all things imperfect, ephemeral, and evolving. attuned to nature and spirit, the tie-dye moonchild forges a path guided by inner wisdom. when this card is present, your inner voice is yearning to be heard. we must ask ourselves— where in our lives must we move beyond discomfort to be unapologetically ourselves?

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Amanda M.
By far one of my favourite Bluboho pieces! The way this piece catches the light is absolutely stunning. The varying shades of the sapphires are cohesive yet a particular shade will jump out at you with the slightest of movements. The type of unique and beautiful piece that I know I could only find at Bluboho!
you describe the piece perfectly! so so happy you love it as much as we do!

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