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the pen - speak your truth collection

letter charm lightbox photo
letter charm on body}
letter charm


the manifestation collection

these rings are intended as a reminder to manifest your mood, as you are pulled to the stone you resonate with most.

aquamarine manifestation mood ring lightbox photo
aquamarine manifestation mood ring on body}
aquamarine manifestation mood ring


the serendipitous moment collection

serendipity is a message from a higher plane: the moment when unexpected joys, opportunities, and chance encounters arise in places we may not expect to find them. if you look for it, you will see that we are surrounded by happenstance all the time: that we are here, together, on this earth at this precise moment is nothing short of miraculous. when this card finds you, it is a message that you are in the right place at the right time— so keep your eyes and heart open, ready to receive a sign. when you stumble upon a serendipitous moment, ask yourself this: “what lessons are waiting to be learned?”. the more we open ourselves to these moments, the more they start to unfold before our eyes.

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