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the ocean - wisdom of water collection

the ocean, in its unbridled power and wisdom, reminds us that in our cells, we too are made of water. if faced with an immovable obstacle, turn like the tides to create a new path; when in doubt of your strength, trust in the currents of your soul.

limited edition
ocean blu bead bracelet lightbox photo
ocean blu bead bracelet on body}
ocean blu bead bracelet


the oyster - inner beauty collection

the oyster celebrates the act of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. like the oyster, which creates pearls deep within its shell, you also contain this power within your spirit— so trust in the beauty of your heart.

the tie dye moonchild - inner guidance collection

the tie dye moonchild is introspective and creative, a compassionate caretaker of the earth and the human collective. a living interpretation of a tie-dyed tapestry, the tie dye moonchild forges a path guided by inner wisdom.

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