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Sapphire colour scale

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may birthstones

the emerald was one of cleopatra’s favorite gems. It has long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love. ancient romans went so far as to dedi...

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bluboho's co-founder is having a baby!

this mother's day at bluboho is going to be extra special. our co-founder, maggie, is expecting a baby! read below, as maggie opens up about her strug...

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beloved love: Laura and Warren

Laura and Warren recently tied the knot and we were lucky to learn a little bit more about their relationship, their wedding and their future aspirati...

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5 top tips for traveling in Tulum

recently two of our production ladies, Marcia and Heather, went on a trip to Tulum together. here are a few of their top tricks: 1. Listen to yourself...

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note from the designer - the dahlia beloved collection

hello everyone! my name is heather and I am on the design and production team at Bluboho. this collection is extra special to me because the setting i...

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how to plan a wedding in 24 hours

Two of our very own got married, and we couldn't be more excited for them! The beautiful couple made an impromptu decision to tie the knot on Christma...

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note from the designer - the horizon collection

What is the story told by the horizon collection? The horizon is your person, your source of light, your hope and comfort. Even when they are not pres...

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Travel Diaries - Maggie and Drew's trip across the pond

Maggie and Drew, our fearless and hardworking leaders, just took a magical and much needed vacation to London and Paris. They did do a little bit of w...

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beloved love: amanda and danielle

two of the same, amanda and danielle have the most unique and fun beloved story. they both met with us in secret, they both bought the same beloved ri...

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note from the designer - the theia collection

what inspired the collection? when designing a collection we start with an intention - something that lands in our minds and hearts. in this case, we ...

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beloved couple: lauren and jeff

we caught up with lauren and jeff to hear all about their journey together and the romance embedded in lauren's beloved engagement ring. what is the m...

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abacus: counting your treasures

October is a month for giving thanks. With so much to be grateful for, we created the abacus necklace. The abacus has been used as an instrument for c...

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