September 8, 2022

Valentine’s Date Night Ideas: Top Five Rom-Coms to Watch With Your Sweetheart, Plus Dinner Recipes!

with all of us staying safe at home this Valentine’s Day, the pressure is on to find the perfect date idea for a cozy, wintry celebration with your beloved. after brunch in bed and a long walk round the park, you might be wondering how to make the evening something extra special. 

well, look no further. we’re playing cupid here at bluboho this year, and our beauties have your date night covered. we’ve rounded up the top five rom-coms to watch with your sweetheart this V-Day, plus five delicious seasonal recipes to cook up before you hunker down for your night under the stars. 

this one is for everyone out there celebrating Valentine’s Day with a BFF, galentine, or with family - because who says we should have a one-size-fits-all approach to love? we adore The Parent Trap because it’s about doing what you think is right when it comes to true love.

pair this movie with an upscaled version of Hallie’s favourite food! This New York Times recipe will make you a five-star chef in no time.

to play up the summer camp vibes, why not gift a love bug charm to your bestie this V-Day to say how much you value your friendship? or, if this was a classic to watch when you were a kid, cuddle up with your mama this movie night and surprise her with our mama charm or a heart signet ring engraved with your family initials.

could any rom-com list exist without including this Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal classic? It makes us nostalgic for the days of meet-cutes and road trips, but most of all reminds us that love can come flying into your life at any time.

to pair with this flick, we recommend getting your star baker apron on and making this mouth-watering apple pie a la mode, to pay homage to Sally’s infamous order at a roadside diner.

sometimes the person you end up with is the best thing that you never planned, which is why this film reminds us of our fierce love charm and heart burst charm: these two dainty and expressive little charms are all about the power of love to unlock our best selves.

this slumber party classic is possibly the single greatest movie to curl up on the couch with. with heartthrobs galore and an earnest search for true love at the heart of a hilarious story, this movie reminds us that love is always worth the effort (sometimes even when our dignity is at stake!).

and to recreate the whimsical romantic joy of an English countryside getaway with your beloved, as featured in the film, why not whip up the most iconic of British dinners: the sunday roast. looks absolutely ‘scrummy!

the lovely sway heart necklace and earrings are an ode to all of the love you have to give in your heart, and all the love you'll get back when you share it. we think Bridget would appreciate the sentimentality. 

the Big Sick is a movie that proves rom-coms are still alive and kicking. this more recent film is about Kumail, a stand-up comic who meets Emily at one of his stand-up shows. as they fall in love, the couple has to deal with illness, family, and navigating love in an inter-ethic relationship. 

the film’s writer and star, Kumail Nanjiani, says that this movie goes best with one of the Pakistani dishes featured in it, aloo chaat. a spicy potato dish, it’ll also go perfectly with a chilly February night.

we love this tear-jerker of a film because it makes us think about who we are as lovers, and the rich lineage of love that we all come from as individuals. as such, we pair this movie with our love lineage necklace and earrings, which act as a symbol of the journey you’ve made through love and family.

maybe this one is a little on the nose considering the times we’re living through... or maybe it’s exactly the hilarious escape we need right now. all about getting second chances and living through endless days of finding love, this movie is one of our forever favourites.

and as for a dinner pairing, why not crack out a classic family recipe that you might have had 100 times before but always hits the spot? plus, it’ll give you the chance to share a little bit of your past with your sweetheart in the present, bringing you both closer in your bond.

and because it’s all about repetition, why not give your beloved a set of our little lovely necklace, bracelet, and earrings? these dainty pieces are playful and remind you to never take things too seriously: love will come and when it does it will be all the sweeter!

Valentine’s Day may look a little different this year, but if we’ve learned anything recently it’s that love always finds a way. plus all this time at home has given us a chance to bond with our loved ones that’s unlike anything before. so grab the one you love most, get busy in the kitchen and then cozy up for a night of romance. whether you’ve been married for years or you’re celebrating your first Valentine’s together, we hope you find the perfect way to hold love close this year xo 



Written By Heather Bunt
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