August 26, 2022

unique boho jewelry for the unique soul: meet the moonchild medallion

hailing from our tie-dye collection, which is so near and dear to the heart of bluboho, the moonchild medallion is a hallmark of our approach to creating unique, elevated sapphire and recycled gold jewelry. 

the tie-dye collection is an homage to our roots: the shades of blu that colour our world, symbolizing expression, individualism, and idealism. 


made for the unique dreamers that walk this earth, these one-of-a-kind pieces each hold a unique composition of montana sapphires artfully arranged in a swirling starscape, each in a different variation of blues and greens.


the moonchild medallion represents who we are


the moonchild medallion embodies so much of what makes bluboho who we are: it was designed with intention and meaning, using sustainable materials and practices, to create something unique and truly special. the moonchild medallion encapsulates our passion for travel and adventure, our connections to each other and to the planet, 


designed with passion and purpose

designed intentionally as a statement piece that stands out in the crowd, the moonchild medallion has a distinctive presence that can stand alone or anchor a stack. 


set by hand into 14k recycled yellow gold with milgrain detailing around the edge, the montana sapphires that bejewel this piece are star-set, creating a kaleidoscopic arrangement that almost mimics the night sky set alight by swirling constellations— a compass filled with guiding stars. 


one-of-a-kind beauty for a one-of-a-kind soul

each moonchild medallion piece is unique— every iteration features a unique composition of blue and green montana sapphires, making each moonchild medallion a one-of-a-kind— just like the individual who wears it.


who is the moonchild? 

the moonchild medallion is an emblem of the modern-day moonchild— unique, creative, and intuitive; a person who follows their instincts to create something uniquely beautiful. beloved by the deep-feelers, the big-thinkers, the visionaries, the dreamers, the idealists, and the optimists, this is a piece for anyone who leads with their heart, living in compassion and creativity, emanating love and light wherever they go. 

wear it to…

  • channel your intuition and compassion into the world around you
  • celebrate your uniqueness
  • mark a milestone in your life
  • express your individuality and originality
  • signal to the world that you are a modern-day moon child

    an instant heirloom

    formed in solid 14k recycled yellow gold, the moonchild medallion is tarnish-resistant and durable. sapphires, too, are extremely durable, scoring a 9 on the mohs scale, making this piece an instant heirloom in your collection. though distinctive in its look, the moonchild medallion is a timeless and ageless design that can be worn and beloved for a lifetime. 


    if you’re seeking a soulful sapphire statement piece, you’ve found it— or maybe, as is the way of the moonchild… it found you!

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    Written By Quinn McKerrow
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