metamorphosis butterfly locket

metamorphosis butterfly locket

yellow gold

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The Story

let yourself take flight / welcome things that have never been this message of hope, written by our founder maggie, is engraved within our metamorphosis butterfly locket— encouraging you to take flight. embrace your transformation and lean into the unknown with courage and optimism, for on the other side o...

  • 14k recycled gold
  • white diamond pave
  • handmade light blue enamel
  • adjustable length: 18” and 20”
  • designed in Canada
  • exclusive to bluboho



how to amplify this energy:
release and let go, trust the process, hold onto hope
chalcedony, howlite, amethyst, clear quartz
metamorphosis butterfly locket, metamorphosis butterfly wing
energy centre:
the butterfly
metamorphosis, hope, imagination

in the same way that a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, metamorphosis is a lesson in letting go and moving fearlessly forward. unimaginable possibilities lay ahead on the other side, your unfolding potential thrown forth in a growing momentum. sometimes the beauty of change is found in the mess of it— breaking down structures to rebuild anew, emerging stronger, wiser, and full of hope. when this card finds you, it is a sign that you are in the midst of transformation. give yourself permission to embrace your rebirth, asking yourself this: what could i become, if i simply let go and let myself transform?

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