June 30, 2022

everyday essentials 101: the 3 golden rules for building a collection of everyday jewelry

we believe that a signature jewelry collection is one of the most effective ways to elevate your everyday look. 

to begin building your jewelry collection, it’s important to be intentional and select pieces you’ll love to wear every day— pieces that reflect who you are, both inside and out! 

at bluboho, that means creating ethically-sourced and sustainably-made fine jewelry, handcrafted right here in canada.

if you’re starting to create your collection from scratch, or branching out into a new style or metal, it might feel overwhelming trying to determine where to begin. 

which products you should invest in first? and how to integrate them into your daily wardrobe— we’re here to help…

the three T’s of choosing your everyday essentials: what to look for when building your collection

tarnish-free: creating a collection with longevity means investing in high-quality goods that you will care for and treasure throughout your lifetime. when it comes to everyday jewelry, go for gold: solid gold is ideal for longevity and daily wear, making your pieces future heirlooms.

transitional: choose versatile fine jewelry that can be worn day to night, season to season. consider the focal points of your everyday look, and how your jewelry might accentuate them. for example, if you love to wear your hair up, maybe a pair of dainty gold earrings or solid gold hoops is something you’d rock every day. if you are never seen without a signature manicure, perhaps you’d opt for a set of ethically made, stackable gold rings.

timeless: select pieces you’ll never outgrow or tire of wearing: pieces that are meaningful, classic, and never out of style. by doing so, you’ll build a capsule of failsafe pieces you can wear year-round for years to come.

most of all— make sure that your everyday essentials are pieces you wholeheartedly love. whether you’re an avid earrings collector or you’re known for your trademark ring stack, what truly makes an everyday essential jewelry collection is the connection you have to each piece. so, with that in mind, go forth and fall in love— this collection has something for everyone.

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humans of bluboho: our everyday essentials

everyday fine jewelry can be as unique as the one who wears it— the only true ‘rule’ is that you love it enough to wear it daily. 

from minimalism to maximalism, and everything in between, our jewelry collections are a chance to express our personal styles. to prove our point, we asked some of our head office staff to share their real-life everyday essentials— being a sustainable jewelry brand based in toronto, it’s no surprise that our staff each have their own approach to building an everyday collection— and they each doing so!

tess, social media coordinator

“i really love expressing myself through fashion, oftentimes styling items that are bold, brave, and colourful… when it comes to my accessories i like to keep it clean and modern to make sure the pieces i invest in will heighten any given aesthetic that i choose to follow!” 

tess’ everyday essentials:

quinn, graphic designer

“i really love the idea of creating future heirloom pieces, some of my favourite jewelry has been passed down from generations of the strong women in my family. i love that bluboho has some really timeless pieces i can pass down in the years to come!”

quinn’s everyday essentials:

pauline, president 

“as someone who is usually on the go, my everyday essentials are the pieces that are easy to wear, make a statement, and signify special moments that i can take with me through each adventure.”

pauline’s everyday essentials:

shannon, lead designer

as a jewelry designer, choosing the pieces i wear is something i look forward to each and every morning. i tend to gravitate towards the more ornate statement pieces, especially knowing how much love and handmade craftsmanship goes into them! wearing them each day is celebrating not only the symbolism of the items, but the many hands and hearts that bring them to life.”

shannon’s everyday essentials:

jasmin, creative copywriter

i spend so much of my day working with my hands, so i love having my jewelry right where i can see it. even if i have no other jewelry on, i always wear my rings. i love simple, classic, not-too-dainty rings with a low profile and a bit of texture for everyday wear, and i usually wear an asymmetrical mish-mash of studs and huggies on my many upper lobe piercings, and a classic chain necklace to complete the look. i love that my pieces are so comfortable that they feel like an extension of me, and many of them mark a milestone or hold a special meaning. 

jasmin’s everyday essentials:

We would love to see your everyday essentials— tag us @bluboho on instagram or tiktok to show off your stacks!


Written By Quinn McKerrow
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