December 8, 2022

crafting the ultimate wedding ring stack

your engagement and wedding rings are some of the most personal and sentimental jewelry you’ll ever wear— so choosing them requires a lot of thought. we believe that the best wedding ring set is the one that tells your love story— and we have become experts in the art of crafting meaningful wedding ring stacks.

the tradition and history of wedding ring sets

though the traditions around marriage and wedding rings vary across different cultures, the concept of the wedding ring as it exists in north america dates back from as far as ancient egypt and ancient greece to ancient rome, where they were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. at the time it was believed that there was a vein running from this finger to the heart, and so the wedding ring was placed there in order to be closest to the wearer’s heart. though this wasn’t scientifically accurate, it quickly wove itself into the romantic tradition. 

today’s modern wedding ring trends

today, the wedding ring is typically worn as part of a stack. the classic combination of the engagement and wedding ring set has evolved and expanded to incorporate additional bands to celebrate milestone anniversaries, births of children, and other meaningful moments in the couple’s life. we love this approach for many reasons:

  • more is more: as jewelry lovers, we can’t resist the opportunity to add to our collection
  • marking moments: commemorating your meaningful milestones with an added band to your wedding stack is a poignant reminder of the life you are building as a couple and as a family— a reminder you can see every time you glance at your hand.
  • variety is the spice of life: with a multi-ring wedding set, you have the option to mix and match, changing up your stack to suit your mood or your look! wear the full stack, a pared-down combination, or just the wedding band alone— the possibilities are endless.

we offer a wide variety of wedding and celebration bands so you can tell your own story, adding to it over time. no matter your style, we have something for everyone.

creating your wedding stack 101

where to start: your engagement ring sets the tone for your wedding ring set. depending on the style of your engagement ring, you may want to experiment with peaked, curved, or cuff rings that stack flush to the ring. if your ring has a higher profile, you’ll have room to stack a straight band flush with your engagement ring— but the options are endless and completely subjective. 

cohesion and/or contrast: while we love to mix and match to create unique looks, it can be helpful to identify some design elements of your engagement ring to keep consistent with your wedding ring set, creating cohesion throughout your stack. 

some examples:

  • round stones: if you have a round centre stone on your engagement ring, incorporate more round stones on your wedding bands
  • prongs: if you have claw prongs on your engagement ring, having a different kind of prong on additional bands could disrupt the look of your stack
  • pave: if you have a diamond pave half eternity band on your engagement ring, but you love the warmth of yellow gold, you can incorporate a plain band or a band without diamond pave to your wedding set— or alternatively, go all out and choose pave bands to match!
  • rose cut: if you love diamonds, but you don’t want to distract from the centre stone of your engagement ring, the romantic glimmer of rose cut diamonds may be more complementary. shop our moonglade and larger moonglade bands for inspiration.

what order should you wear wedding and engagement rings?

some say that there is a right and wrong way to wear your stack— but we believe in marching to the beat of your own drum. some people wear their engagement ring on the top of their wedding stack, some will sandwich it between two wedding bands, and others wear their engagement ring on their right hand or not at all. if you’re building a stack of three or more rings, an engagement ring typically is placed in the middle— but don’t let us stop you from trying something new and creating unique wedding ring sets of your own invention!

some of our bestselling bands by style: 

Minimalist rings for a simple wedding ring set: legacy, everlast, larger everlast, beloved, marry me, plain wave

Classic for a timeless wedding ring set: endalaus i, endalaus ii, horizon

unique + maximalist for a unique wedding ring set: luminous honey, sweetness of honey, union of bliss, daybreak, incandescent

Diamond bands for a wedding set with sparkle: moonglade, larger moonglade, reverie, lausanne, moirai, the stars align, milky way

curved or peaked bands for a nested wedding ring set: moonbow, moon peak, deep love, alate, illumina, mini moonbow, peak eternity, wave eternity, moonlit wave, rippling wave, ablaze

cuff rings for filling negative space in a trio wedding ring set: blessed meeting, twin flame, horizon cuff

shop all wedding and celebration bands

our top tips for crafting a wedding stack:

  • odd numbers work best: aim for three or five for a balanced look
  • get creative: mix metals, textures, and stones for an eye-catching effect unique to you 
  • keep some consistent elements: identify one or two design elements to keep consistent, such as rose cut diamonds, yellow gold, etc
  • add a cuff between engagement ring and straight band to fill negative space
  • help us help you! we offer complimentary, pressure-free consultations and styling in our stores and online. book your appointment to receive a guided tour and personalized styling from our experts
  • shop our favourite stacks: as you browse our selection online, you’re able to add our hand-curated stacks into your cart at the click of a button.
Written By Quinn McKerrow
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