Zodiac 2023

mapping your way to meaningful moments; it’s a sign! give the gift of sparkle for your favourite zodiac with our personalized zodiac jewelry guides, carefully curated to embody the essence of your celestial story.

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gifts for anaquarius

celebrate those born under the eleventh sign of the zodiac and represented by the water-bearer with this collection inspired by their expansive big-picture thinking and intuitive energy

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gifts for apisces

ruled by venus, the planet of love, Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. inspired by their sensitivity, and depth of feeling, this collection celebrates the Pisces in your life with pieces that enhance their unique qualities

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gifts for anaries

representing the singular spirit, aries is the first sign of the zodiac. fiery, effervescent, and ruled by mars, the planet of action– these pieces will reflect their light, channel their energy, and celebrate their role in your life

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gifts for ataurus

serene, grounded, deeply rooted in the sensory pleasure of being alive, taurus is ruled by venus– the planet of love and beauty. this selection speaks to their sense of abundance and their pragmatic natures

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gifts for a gemini

characterized by the mythological twins castor and pollux, gemini is a sign of duality, nuance, and adaptability. ruled by mercury, the planet of communication, these pieces will express your appreciation of your favourite geminis

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gifts for acancer

water signs known for their gentle hearts and nurturing spirits, cancer is ruled by the equally-gentle and graceful moon. let the cancerian in your life know how much you appreciate them with this curated selection

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gifts for a leo

vibrance. courage. loyalty. passion. quintessential fire signs, you’ll know a leo when you see one. We’ve selected some pieces that shine (almost) as much as they do

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gift for a virgo

to our driven, sensitive, and Reliable virgos; always striving for perfection, virgo is an earth sign ruled by communicative mercury. show the virgos in your life some appreciation with this selection of gifts just for them

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gifts for alibra

the sign of partnership, justice, beauty, and truth, air-sign libra is ruled by the romantic planet venus. celebrate your favourite libras for the balance and companionship they bring to those around them with this heartfelt collection of gifts.

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gifts for asagittarius

like a comet streaking across the night sky, sagittarius doesn’t sit still for too long. These adventurous spirits are born explorers who adapt to any situation. these gift items were hand-selected just for them to honour their fiery presence

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gifts for ascorpio

depth, intuition, mystery, and passion. born under the constellation of scorpius, scorpios are loved for the intensity of heart and loyalty they embody, so we put together this collection to celebrate them just as they are.

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gifts for acapricorn

DATES: 22 December – 20 January characterized by the mythological sea-goat, capricorns traverse the boundaries of the material and emotional realms. focused, earnest, and hardworking, show capricorn how much you appreciate them with this selection of gifts curated in their honour

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