supernova white sapphire necklace silver- sterling silver

supernova white sapphire necklace silver- sterling silver

sterling silver

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The Story

crafted for those destined for greatness, our sterling silver white rose-cut sapphire necklace embodies the spirit of a supernova. just as a supernova erupts when trapped energy in a star ignites into brilliant light, this necklace symbolizes the boundless possibilities when we ignite the true potential of our souls and radiate our brightest luminosity—exceeding even the brilliance of the sun a billion times over.


  • sterling silver
  • 4mm rose cut white sapphire
  • adjustable length: 14”, 15” and 16”
  • designed in canada
  • exclusive to bluboho



how to amplify this energy:
speak up, make a plan, implement vour ideas
rose cut white diamond, opal, lapis lazuli
supernova, nova, astra
energy centre:
crown of head
the supernova
greatness, brilliance, power

when you finally allow yourself to shine your brightest, a catalyst occurs. a supernova is the explosion of a supergiant star, unleashing a brilliance beyond our earthly comprehension. when this card finds you, it is a signal for you to unleash your own brilliant energy- for you have the power to light up everything around you. contemplate the limitless potential within you: how will you ignite your true purpose and allow yourself to shine your brightest? what wonderful things

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