sofia perla necklace

sofia perla necklace

yellow gold

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The Story

by embracing life with an open heart and a curious mind, we can cultivate grace and wisdom from every experience. the greek name "sofia," meaning "wisdom," embodies the lustrous essence of pearls and the invaluable insight they represent. the sofia perla necklace embraces the simple grace of a classic pear...

  • 14k recycled gold
  • adjustable length: 15” and 16”
  • freshwater pearl
  • designed in Canada
  • exclusive to bluboho



how to amplify this energy:
pry open your shell, be vulnerable, share a secret
sofia perla, pearl of transformation, pearl soirée, anything pearl
energy centre:
heart centre
the oyster
trust, love, inner beauty

there is an essence of magic and alchemy within a pearl. from a speck of sand, the pearl is created deep within an oyster— and like the oyster, which can create incredible beauty within the protection of its shell, you also contain this power within your spirit. the oyster card celebrates the act of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. when this card reaches you, take it as an affirmation: you matter, you make a difference, and the world is more beautiful for having you in it, sharing your gifts with all around you.

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