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mother's day MAY 12th - free shipping on orders over $150
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midnight blue moon one-of-a-kind

midnight blue moon one-of-a-kind

yellow gold

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The Story

a blue moon refers to an extraordinarily rare and whimsical event, akin to finding your perfect match or soulmate.In the realms of star-filled skies, the captivating beauty of the midnight blue moon ring shines brighter than ever. as the moon casts its enchanting glow upon the world, love's essence is inte...

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  • 14k recycled yellow gold
  • montana 1.28 ct sapphire
  • rich blue round, ethically sourced
  • total diamond carat weight: 0.1
  • handmade in canada
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06.28.23 was just the beginning... sara is wearing created to be worn by an inimitable and rare soul, the uniquely you ring reflects the most essential elements of one’s being in its unique rouge pink round sapphire encircled by a full halo of eight marquise diamonds.

  • sara garcia
  • @sara.alicia.garcia

sara garcia is wearing uniquely you one-of-a-kind ring

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