large supernova necklace

large supernova necklace

yellow gold

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The Story

we envisioned this rose cut diamond solitaire necklace for extraordinary individuals, inspired by the awe-inspiring supernova phenomenon. similar to the moment when a star's energy ignites into a breathtaking burst of luminosity, these earrings encapsulate the boundless potential that surfaces when we unlock our true inner brilliance. the large super nova necklace, a 5 mm larger interpretation of our iconic supernova design, epitomizes the splendor of this celestial muse.

  • 14k recycled yellow gold
  • 5 mm rose cut diamond
  • adjustable length: 15 and 16 inches
  • designed in toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho

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how to amplify this energy:
speak up, make a plan, implement vour ideas
rose cut white diamond, opal, lapis lazuli
supernova, nova, astra
energy centre:
crown of head
the supernova
greatness, brilliance, power

when you finally allow yourself to shine your brightest, a catalyst occurs. a supernova is the explosion of a supergiant star, unleashing a brilliance beyond our earthly comprehension. when this card finds you, it is a signal for you to unleash your own brilliant energy- for you have the power to light up everything around you. contemplate the limitless potential within you: how will you ignite your true purpose and allow yourself to shine your brightest? what wonderful things

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