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Polly Wales

18K Rose Gold, White Diamond


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Polly Wales jewelry marries classic design with vibrant, playful colours and imperfect, organic forms. She is known for her signature “cast-not-set” process and rough luxe aesthetic. Each piece is handcrafted using responsibly sourced materials and recycled gold. The handset and shinning round, old miners cut white diamond, surrounded by six large tapered baguette diamonds take the spotlight with this special band. A truly unique addition to any stack. 

As this ring is one of a kind, there is only one available.

If you wish to purchase another size, more than one pair or have any questions about this piece, please email us at and we'll be happy to work with you!

Faithfulness to oneself + others. A time-honoured classic, diamonds have proven themselves the stone of inspiration, creativity, and enlightenment. Their ability to ignite our intuition allows us the perspective needed to remain everlastingly devoted to a single love for the whole of our lives while remaining true to ourselves. Diamonds will always be a symbol of our most cherished bonds, and they are also the April birthstone.
rose gold
Rose Gold
For the romantic. Rose gold adds a touch of something unique. First gaining its popularity at the turn of the nineteenth century, rose gold brings with it a promise of eternal love and comfort which can be shared with all those around you.
  • 18k rose gold
  • one round Old Miners cut white diamond approx 0.33 cts
  • six surrounding large tapered baguette approx 0.91 tcw
  • band tapers from 3mm to 2.5mm
  • ethically sourced stones and recycled materials
  • handcrafted in Los Angeles 
  • by Polly Wales