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the beehive - interconnection collection

honeybees are architects of the beehive’s sacred shape, changing the world with their collective efforts. finely attuned to interconnection, the beehive illuminates a sense of the bounty and abundance created through kinship.

luminous honey diamond ring lightbox photo
luminous honey diamond ring on body}
luminous honey diamond ring


honey bee necklace lightbox photo
honey bee necklace on body}
honey bee necklace


the wishbone - good luck collection

symbolized in the meeting point of a wishbone, luck is the intersection of preparation, intention, and divine timing. the universe makes no errors: luck is a tool of destiny, driving you forth toward that which is already yours.

the bright star - guidance collection

a beacon of light against the night skies, the bright star offers guidance and celebrates your achievement. as your star continues to rise, each moment of accomplishment hangs aloft, a constellation of your own making.

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infinity suspender earring lightbox photo
infinity suspender earring on body}
infinity suspender earring


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