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cosmic love collection

Like the countless moons circling planets in the far-off beyond, cosmic love invites us into each other’s orbit. lovers reflect each other’s light, lost in the wonder of the skies above— a celebration of the bond they gravitate towards.

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luminous night one-of-a-kind lightbox photo
luminous night one-of-a-kind on body}
luminous night one-of-a-kind


cosmic destiny one-of-a-kind lightbox photo
cosmic destiny one-of-a-kind on body}
cosmic destiny one-of-a-kind


gold celebration bands collection

love songs collection

love songs draws its inspiration from some of the most iconic love songs and lyrics ever written. each one-of-a-kind ring resonates with the timeless melodies of love, offering a sentimental song to mark your unique love story.

love's aura 1 & 2 collection

every color expresses a different type of love every color emits a different frequency, as do our emotions and ourselves. the unique hue in every one of a kind gemstone in the love’s aura collection speaks to a different element of our combined love and highlights the aspects we find most vital.

blu moon collection

"once in a blue moon" - a poetic and whimsical way to describe a rare and unique event - like meeting your soul’s match. meet the collection that is truly out of this world.

oh how i love you collection

inspired by the ways we show our love for one another, the ‘oh how i love you’ collection showcases a range of unique sapphire rings each handcrafted to embody your love story. elevate your love story to an art form: capture it in a unique design.

ancient love languages collection

inspired by ancient concepts of love, our newest sapphire engagement ring collection honours a romance that transcends language and time. each handmade ring, designed to match the meaning of its name, celebrates the history and legacy love gives us.

endless engagement rings collection

endless engagement rings this collection reminds us to be present for all the little joys and precious memories that love brings along the way. we devote these pieces not just to the endless bond of love, but to the endless moments that grow into a lifetime.

mens bands collection

mark the moment when two lives are united in love. our beloved by bluboho men’s wedding bands are symbols of commitment, partnership, and unity, combining style and substance into a piece you will wear forever.

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