One of a Kind beloved by bluboho Engagement Rings

Our one of a kind engagement rings are designed and created around each stone that we source. We start with a story to build a theme, as we hand-select each stones for the rings in each collection. From white diamond rose cuts, rustic diamonds to sapphires, we enjoy selecting stones that are truly unique and full of character. Once the stones are selected and approved for quality, we sketch settings and designs specially for each stone and their one of a kind colouring, as well as their cut. As a result, each piece is one of a kind, with a setting that suits the stone with an effortless feel that captures the heart. 

beloved by bluboho engagement rings are a token of love. designed and handcrafted for the free-spirited bride, our team in toronto uses ethically sourced gold, conflict-free diamonds and precious gems. close to home, close to our hearts. we hand-select each gem for its extraordinariness, so that you can pick from a plethora of vibrant hues and unique textures. you can see and feel the love that we've imprinted on each piece of jewelry, and that's just the beginning of their story. their true journey begins with you.

Your unique gold, sapphire engagement ring is a tough and durable gem. A sapphire sits at a 9 on the 1-10 Mohs scale, with the only natural gem stone harder than sapphire being a diamond. The desirability of sapphire jewelry comes from its colour, hardness, and luster. The sapphire’s unique character and meaning of wisdom and faithfulness makes us so excited to hand craft sapphire jewelry into our beautiful sapphire engagement ring collection and sapphire rings. Sapphires create a standard of elegance and beauty as they lavish grace and gentleness onto what you hold close to your heart. Made with only ethically sourced sapphires through the Kimberly process certified and conflict free, we design and handcraft your beautiful one of a kind sapphire wedding rings in Toronto, Canada. In Toronto, Canada we have only hand selected the most ethical options to hold true to the virtue that these precious gem stones hold in character.

Sapphires are one of our favourite stones to use for unique sapphire engagement rings and sapphire jewelry. Our infinite ocean sapphire ring collection reflects the unique colours found in every sapphire stone, as the whimsical shades of the ocean dance through spectrum of colour, ever-changing no matter where you go, all the while keeping character of love and beauty held within its depths. Every single sapphire is completely one of a kind as the hue is never be naturally replicated. We love creating beauty from uniqueness in our sapphire engagement rings to add to the love in the lives of others. Whether it is your September birthstone ring or a white gold sapphire engagement ring, each one is held unique to you with a distinct and matchless colour that guides you deeper into its ocean like depths.

Our engagement sapphire rings have a dainty yet powerful appearance. A sapphire’s unique nature allows us to create art as we harness the beauty of the stone in a setting to match its beauty. Whether it’s a pink sapphire ring or a peach sapphire engagement ring, each one is inset to a band that has an equally beautiful pairing. Once you’ve found your perfect one of a kind sapphire ring, one of our beloved ring specialists can help you find the perfect dainty gold diamond nesting band that pairs perfectly with your light blue sapphire engagement rings or pale blue sapphire engagement rings. Or maybe you want a classic, bold gold wedding band to pair with your white sapphire engagement ring. Every detail of our sapphire wedding ring settings are designed and created specifically for a unique stone’s colour and cut.

Sapphire gems are the best choice to wear as an everyday sapphire engagement ring because they can handle the stress of everyday wear without easily becoming damaged. To properly clean your gold sapphire ring with diamonds or without diamonds, combine a few drops of mild dishwashing soap with warm water in a bowl. Let your pieces soak in this mixture for about 15 minutes. If you want to get into fine areas of your sapphire engagement ring, gently take a soft bristle toothbrush to it. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. If you want to give your piece an extra shine it can be done with a polishing cloth.

Let’s find sapphire rings that will carry your love story with you forever. We are experts in creating classic and unique sapphire jewelry and you are an expert in your significant other. Together, we are the perfect team to choose engagement rings with a sapphire stone that will spark joy in your hearts every single day.