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one-of-a-kind rare sapphire engagement rings

our rings are rare ONE-OF-A-KIND! please book an appointment to view them at any store location.

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the flower moon collection collection

the flower moon collection, inspired by the enchantment of the flower moon is. a carefully selected, hand-crafted collection of rare stone one-of-a-kind engagement rings. the flower moon is the full moon in may, symbolizing the abundance of love and growth that abounds. each ring celebrates blooming buds and the magic of nature’s season of renewal, with rare and ethically sourced montana sapphire center stones. embrace love's journey under this auspicious full moon.

artist cut
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the flower moon ring one-of-a-kind on body}
the flower moon ring one-of-a-kind


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full moon blossom one-of-a-kind on body}
full moon blossom one-of-a-kind


the wild hearts' collection collection

in our wild hearts collection, we weave the very soul of earthly love, reminiscent of the tender embrace of nature itself. each ring is a testament to your unique, enduring love, mirroring the rarity and beauty of montana sapphires. like these rare stones, your love is a precious find, a treasure to cherish for eternity, symbolized in every delicate curve and shimmering facet of these one-of-a-kind rare sapphire rings.

earthbound union collection

in the artistry of our earthbound union collection, we've interwoven the very essence of grounded love and unyielding stability. these rings transcend mere symbols; they embody enduring commitment. presenting six exquisite masterpieces, each adorned with a rare montana sapphire—a stone that stands the test of time. this fusion of dreams and commitments is a tangible testament to the depth of your connection, a celebration of lasting love.

artist cut collection

created to mark your greatest love. our rings that house artist cut sapphires will never be alike in colour, cut or intention, as each ring is a masterpiece with a unique stone conceived by nature whose design is shaped by a poetic vision.

UNNAMED collection collection

naming is an act of purpose, a fusion of dreams and commitments. engagement rings symbolize a lifelong pledge, marking a fresh chapter in your love narrative. the unnamed collection features seven exquisite masterpieces, ready to embrace the names you bestow upon them.

cosmic love collection

Like the countless moons circling planets in the far-off beyond, cosmic love invites us into each other’s orbit. lovers reflect each other’s light, lost in the wonder of the skies above— a celebration of the bond they gravitate towards.

love songs collection

love songs draws its inspiration from some of the most iconic love songs and lyrics ever written. each one-of-a-kind ring resonates with the timeless melodies of love, offering a sentimental song to mark your unique love story.

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