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deep love - unbreakable bonds collection

love is an experience like no other: dazzling in its depth, humbling in its power, a sublime force in the universe. the energy of deep love calls us to our highest potential, bringing us a profound awareness of the oneness of our souls.

limited edition
pink opal diamond heart mood charm lightbox photo
pink opal diamond heart mood charm on body}
pink opal diamond heart mood charm


the cosmic love - devotion collection

the supernova - catalyst collection

the kindred spirits - loyalty collection

the kindred spirits represent our deep soul connections to whom we feel a palpable energetic pull. contemplate the bonds closest to your heart, for these are the souls who walk alongside you on life’s path, calling you to your highest potential.

the mother - nurturing collection

the ultimate nurturer, sustainer, protector, and healer. the mother represents not only motherhood, but the act of “mothering”: one whose love and generosity— of body, heart, mind, and soul— knows no bounds. the energy of the mother manifests itself when we pour ourselves into others, channelling her nurturing nature. when this card finds you, contemplate the role of the mother within and around you. what needs to be nurtured in your heart and life? who else might need your care, love, and guidance? what do you have to give, and what do you need from others?

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