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the tree of life - grounding collection

the tree of life teaches us to summon the strength and grounding that comes with deep interconnection, finding a true understanding of our place in the universe— for we are seamlessly woven into the ecosystem of all that surrounds us.

tree of life little coin pendant necklace lightbox photo
tree of life little coin pendant necklace on body}
tree of life little coin pendant necklace


the dagger - courage collection

the wildflower - resilience collection

as they break new ground to bloom wherever their seeds may be sewn, wildflowers beautify their surroundings simply by being their truest selves, swaying with the winds of change and seeding the earth with their unique gifts.

wildflower tanzanite petal necklace lightbox photo
wildflower tanzanite petal necklace on body}
wildflower tanzanite petal necklace


the peaks valleys - perseverance collection

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