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introducing the wildflower collection

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introducing the flower moon collection

all around us the late blossoms of spring spill sweet scent into the air, petals catching on the wind and enveloping us in a feeling of hope. as the d...

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what does being a mama mean to you?

a mother is more than a person who nurtures a single life. a mother is the spirit of a community. she wields beauty and life to create spaces where we...

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happy earth day!

love may be intangible, but the little objects we hold close to our hearts to manifest our love are not. precious things are made from materials even ...

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we thank all the different kinds of mamas

this mother’s day we want to broaden the horizon of what it means to be a mama. because motherhood is more than a bond between two souls; motherhood i...

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2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

all relationships draw meaning from longevity, and what is more eternal, more long lasting than a relationship between mother and child? a bond that d...

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the story behind the mama script necklace

for many of us, the first letter we ever wrote was to our mamas. “to: mama” was lovingly scrawled in the corner of our childhood artwork, signed on bi...

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the story behind the tree of life collection

each of our collections begins with a concept – a story, a feeling, and an emblem. bluboho pieces are designed as amulets that transcend time - pieces...

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pisces gift guide

There’s nothing like having a pisces in your life. Known for being empathetic and emotionally adventurous, a pisces is your shoulder to cry on and can...

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Valentine’s Date Night Ideas: Top Five Rom-Coms to Watch With Your Sweetheart, Plus Dinner Recipes!

with all of us staying safe at home this Valentine’s Day, the pressure is on to find the perfect date idea for a cozy, wintry celebration with your be...

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We have chosen to not participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales and promotions. This decision was made to remain true to our ethos of procurin...

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The Japanese Practice of Forest Bathing

“forest bathing” originates from the japanese practice called shinrin-yoku. shinrin in Japanese means “forest,” and yoku means “bath.” shinrin-yoku me...

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We're so excited it's Virgo season! A season full of intensity, strength, sapphires, meticulous detailing, optimism, and loyalty. Our very own founder...

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