November 25, 2021

what is an artist cut sapphire?

in a world filled with mass production and monotony, at bluboho, we work against the grain to create unique engagement rings that are inspired by everyday beauty that surrounds us, created to mark your greatest love. our rings that house artist cut sapphires will never be alike in colour, cut or intention, as each ring is a masterpiece with a unique stone conceived by nature whose design is shaped by a poetic vision. these sapphires are naturally occurring, ethically sourced stones that are mined straight from the rivers in montana. sapphires are known for their iconic deep blue hues, but these magnificent stones come in a whole rainbow of colours, each with their own symbolic meaning. from beautiful icy-blues and seafoam greens to vibrant purples and the palest shades of peach, even if the colour appears the same no shade is truly alike, just as no love story can ever be replicated. our astrea artist cut features the most stunning ocean green sapphire - a colour as deep and as vast as the love you find in the heart of your beloved. 

for eons ancient cultures have revered the sapphire as a sacred stone. the deep blue hues are often closely associated with themes of royalty as they have always been thought to attract abundance, blessings, and gifts. where spiritually, these precious gems have been used to protect against negative energies, all while calming the mind, strengthening our intuition, and inviting a sense of soulful clarity. many people are familiar with sapphires, it is – of course – the september birthstone, but not many people know what makes an artist cut sapphire the ideal stone for a one of a kind engagement ring.

these rings all begin with a hand-drawn design, making sure the artist cut sapphire matches with a bespoke setting that is worthy of the individual love story it is about to mark. every artist has their own signature, style and specialty, and the art of gem cutting is unlike any other. most artist cuts are proprietary; meaning the way the stone is cut in pattern, and in way of faceting, is owned by the individual gem cutter. these brilliant artists hand select each gemstone with the intention of highlighting the stone’s most striking features. every cut, every angle, every facet… deliberately made to enhance the unique colour and optimize its sparkle, all while remaining exclusive to the hands that crafted it. our alsephina ring is the perfect example of how an artist can create magic in the form of a stone. this unheated, cloud-blue oval sapphire is faceted in a way that resembles the sparkle of a sky full of starbursts, a constant reminder of your journey together through the galaxy. 

each mark or detail left on our sapphire engagement rings is made with the thoughtful desire to tell a story and we as a team are destined to connect you with the ring whose story most closely aligns with your own.

this blog was written by Jacqueline Holmes

Written By mary clare wilkie
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