April 21, 2021

we thank all the different kinds of mamas

this mother’s day we want to broaden the horizon of what it means to be a mama. because motherhood is more than a bond between two souls; motherhood is the life force of our earth, shining through everything we do that nurtures life and growth. we’ve all been helped along the way by mamas of all sorts. so if you’re looking to say thank you to those special people in your life with a mother’s day gift this year, we’ve got you covered.


what’s more deserving of celebration than the anticipation of new life? while the little one awaits their precious arrival, show the mum-to-be in your life how much you care with mother’s day jewelry that represents news beginnings, such as our seedling earrings, crescent sway necklace, or moonlight ring. or to give her something that speaks to the eternal love of motherhood, go with the 14k yellow gold mama necklace or lovely heart signet ring (great for getting engraved with the initial of the new babe!).


she’s the firm roots of the family tree, the wisdom that guides you, the softest heart you know. grandmothers are the protectors of life and sacred matriarchs, and to say thank you why not give her the tree of life necklace or the boldly inseparable necklace? to honour the love she’s passed down to you through generations, choose a pair of love lineage earrings or the legacy ring—which was actually inspired by a wedding ring that belonged to the grandmother of one of our bluboho beauties!


with the past year we’ve had, everyone has grown a newfound respect and awe for the role caregivers play in our lives. whatever form they come in or whatever care they provide, these are the people who hold us up when we can’t go it alone. to these remarkable people, the lean on me ring, inseparable bracelet + heart burst charm, or lovely sway hoops make an excellent gift. show them what an impact they’ve had on your life by gifting the pink sapphire tie dye insight necklace or imprint forest necklace.


the mother of the person we love the most in the world becomes a precious treasure in our lives. she opens her heart and takes you in like one of her own, and it’s so touching to see the traces of her love radiating from the soul of your partner. to honour her strength, we suggest the resilience earring, tree bark ring, or hold me tight bracelet. If she’s all about affection and support, then go with the lovely sway necklace.


this could be a dear friend in your life who has nurtured and protected you, or a friend who gives the life affirming love of motherhood to all those around her. the embrace branch ring is a dainty ring that symbolizes the power of her love, while the seedling forest ear cuff tells her that she has the power to bring new possibilities into the lives of those she cares for. for a more classic mother’s day necklace, go with the pink sapphire tie dye medallion necklace. the little lovely bracelet is always popular as well!

at this time of year, there are so many people to whom we should express our gratitude. as the sun grows stronger, drawing new life out of the earth, it’s only right that we should draw those mamas close and say thank you. why not say it with a precious mother’s day gift that will last a lifetime?

Written By Heather Bunt
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