October 23, 2018

note from the designer - the theia collection

what inspired the collection?
when designing a collection we start with an intention - something that lands in our minds and hearts. in this case, we started with the shape and meaning of the eye. we wanted to reimagine this symbol and breathe new life into it. we felt we needed to reset the story, but retain the symbolism - focus, truth, light, protection, clarity, vision, presence, intelligence, perception, observation, opening, awareness, positivity. our ideation process started with mood boards and sketches, which ignited our inspiration. overflowing with positive energy, we could feel the collection emerging from somewhere deep inside.
how does the story translate into becoming physical piece?
the sampling process usually takes many attempts, but in this case we struck magic on the first try. from the moment we slipped the theia ring onto our fingers, we fell deeply in love. we decided to continue to expand the collection and add other pieces. this quickly grew from one perfect stacking ring, to a statement ring, to eight different pieces in total.
how do you choose the perfect stone?
choosing the right stone for a piece is an art in itself. precious stones are captivating and have so much to say, we want to make sure they compliment the design with beautiful impact, and deep significance. we chose grey diamonds, as each stone is enchanting in its individuality. no two grey diamonds are the same, as each diamond radiates distinct shades that rely on the gold that shelters it, on your skin's unique pigment and on its surroundings. we felt that grey diamonds best emulate our own eyes, which behold and assign beauty in everything they see. through its tone, shape, and light, the human eye also carries the uniqueness of each individual soul.

how did you choose the name theia for the collection?
theia is the titaness of sight, in greek mythology she brought light into the world, and with it the ability to see its boundless beauty. a divine figure of strength, she inspired us to look at the eye symbol through the intention of empowerment. she chose to create light in a pre-existing world of darkness. she had a vision of what the world could be and brought it into fruition. we want to strive towards her outlook on life. to see the world through a lens of possibility.
we hope that this collection speaks to you, as it does to us. makes you feel warm, strong and unique. helps you lift your chin up a little bit higher and welcome the future with bright eyes, and maybe even a knowing smile that you've got this.
xx maggie and heather

each piece is lovingly handcrafted out of 14k yellow gold with one of a kind rustic grey diamonds

bluboho Theia Collection


Written By Maggie Aurocco
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