September 8, 2022

the ultimate valentine's day gift guide

February has officially arrived, which means love is floating in the air! Our official Valentine's Day gift guide is here, filled with gifts for every one on your list (from your lover, BFF, mama and yourself, of course):


  1. Peaks and Valleys Ring: In the highs we experience some of the greatest moments, and even though we don't want to experience lows we embrace them and learn valuable lessons. Gift this ring as a reminder that you and your partner can achieve anything.
  2. Namesake Ring: If you like it, then be sure to put a stamped ring on it. Stamp something personal and close to your heart. Hint: these make the cutest matching BFF rings too.
  3. Peace, Love and Harmony Ring: All of our fave things in one beauty of a ring.
  4. Heart Print Talisman Necklace: What better way to show your love, than with this talisman that reads 'Vous Y Etes Emperinte' in French, meaning 'You are Imprinted on My Heart'.
  5. 10k Yellow Gold Choker: The choker trend isn't going anywhere, and this dainty chain is the perfect balance of timeless and glamorous (just like your lover).
  6. Pearl Bracelet with Pear Charm: The perfect piece for your mama! The pearl represents sincerity and love, while the Pear charm represents the bond between two people. Shop more styles here.
  7. Flirty Bracelet: The ultimate way to flirt with a loved one is with this sparkling white diamond that floats on a delicate gold chain. 
  8. Easy Going Bracelet: Bold in colour with waxed nylon that is ready to take on the world. The perfect piece for someone who has a current bracelet stack (or wants to start one).
  9. Number Stud: "1, 2, 3, 4. Tell me that you love me more." Gift a lucky number or special day to your someone special.
  10. Flat Heart and Arrow Silver Studs: Play cupid, and strike with this mismatched earring set!
  11. Diamond Tripod Earring: This tripod shape represents past, present and future, while looking pretty with 3 white diamonds. Note: These beauties are sold as singles, so rock a pair, or mix and match with our other studs.
  12. Lovestruck Bubble Bar: We are all guilty of using the heart eyed emoji, so go on and gift this to your crush so they know it's real. Available at LUSH.
  13. Goddess Bath Salt Soak: We've all got a goddess in our life (including yourself), so honour that by sinking into this bath salt soak. Available at Saje.
  14. Janiber Floral Scarf: Everyone needs a good scarf in their wardrobe, and this stitched floral pattern will deliver a pop to every outfit. Available at Club Monaco.
  15. Custom Lipstick at Bite Beauty Lip Lab: What's more impressive than getting to create your own personal lipstick? Head over to one of these locations as a surprise date or with your gal pal.
  16. Sweets from Bake Shoppe: Conquer that sweet tooth craving with these beyond delicious and beautiful treats.
  17. Hand Written Love Letter: Expressing your love for someone is so magical, and something that money can't buy. Spread the love to everyone you hold close to you by writing them a love letter.
  18. Flowers: There is nothing like receiving a beautiful bundle of fresh flowers. We are currently loving boxed flowers, like these beauties here, available at Fiori.

For a full list of our favourite jewels for Valentine's Day, visit our shop love page, or pop in to see us - we'd love to help you find that perfect gift.


Written By Affan Imran
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