April 8, 2021

the story behind the tree of life collection

each of our collections begins with a concept – a story, a feeling, and an emblem. bluboho pieces are designed as amulets that transcend time - pieces to mark pivotal moments in life. these moments can be the most beautiful experiences of our lives, and at times, the most difficult. that’s what makes jewelry such an intimate experience. you wear and carry it throughout life’s journey, building on every moment you mark.

tree of life drawing


for every tree of life collection piece sold we will donate to planting a tree.

tree of life collection

mother’s day is a time to celebrate those who create and nurture life. this year for mother’s day, our intention was to celebrate all the different types of mamas, including mama earth. we started with a concept dedicated to nature, and trees in specific. celebrating our mothers as “Terra Firma”, with a mother’s day necklace adorned with a hand drawn interpretation of a vintage Italian coin. simply put, a mama is more than a bond between two souls; it’s the force that binds us to every human being that has nurtured life, who has foregone warmth to provide shelter, who has championed us when we have lost, who nurtured our roots and cleared the heavens for our branches. this transcends humanity, and speaks to our deep connection to nature, and specifically trees – without which we would not be here.

tree of life artist drawings

from there, the tree of life collection was born. the concept that roots are what ground you while branches protect you, felt like the perfect sentiment to recognize those that provide us with physical and spiritual nourishment, personal growth and development. we chose to release this collection as winter transitioned to spring, to honour Mother Nature and her offering as she too experiences a period of growth. the back of the pendant is imprinted “Terra Firma”, Latin for firm ground – an unshakeable place for us to land, feel safe, protected and connected to the earth, to each other.

the tree of life collection is made up of several pieces, giving many choices for the perfect mother’s day gift. our goal is to create mom jewelry that makes her feel nurtured and appreciated.



THE TREE OF LIFE NECKLACE - the tree of life is said to be the mother of all of us: she spreads her roots so that we may stand strong on solid ground, and raises her branches so that she may watch over our journey. motherhood is so much more than a bond between two souls: it is the pure act of using your life to nurture the life of others. motherhood is unconditional love and support, whether for ourselves or others. It embraces, it supports, it envelops.

RESILIENCE DIAMOND LEAF NECKLACE - roots ground you, branches protect you, and leaves tell your journey along the way. leaves are what remind us of the fact that all things are, by their very nature, impermanent. but this impermanency is what makes life so precious, so worth the living. the greatest beauty is fleeting, even the most magnificent leaf will fall. rather than mourn the loss, the world is made richer by life’s ephemeral journey.



TREE BARK STABILITY RING - philosophers call on us to regard trees as the observers of our world, witnessing the evolution of humans and the planet around them. just like looking at the traces of our own journeys on our skin, when we look at the bark of a tree we can begin to understand its wisdom and all that it was witnessed. Mother Earth teaches us that by witnessing each other, we learn more about ourselves than we ever could on our own.

EMBRACE BRANCH RING - you cannot rush a tree’s embrace. growing steadily with each passing year, trees teach us that strength takes time to cultivate—but once we develop our foundation, it becomes our duty to share our inner strength with all those around us. like a mother nurturing life, trees embrace us with patience, teaching us to bend to the forces beyond our control while remaining un-compromised in our fortitude.



RESILIENCE DIAMOND DROP LEAF EARRINGS - nothing inspires resilience in the human spirit like the passing of the seasons. an eternal transformation that carries us from one chapter of life to the next, the lifecycle of leaves confronts us with the beauty of rebirth. a tree grows her leaves each year, and each year she sheds them to find herself anew. what appears as decay, the falling of her leaves, is really a triumph: she nourishes herself, and when the moment is right, bursts into blossom once more.

RESILIENCE LEAF EAR CRAWLER - the symbol of the falling leaf represents our ability to champion our own self-worth. the resilience ear crawler teaches us to embrace impermanence, because we are made stronger through our ability to cast off the past and walk bravely into the future.


Written By Heather Bunt
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