December 8, 2022

the gold standard in gifts: bluboho’s take on the classic gold bangle

holiday season is fast approaching

for many, this will be the first holiday season in recent years that we can safely gather to celebrate with our loved ones— and this year, people are seeking showstopping, romantic holiday gift ideas to mark the occasion.

our celestia collection showcases the very finest in elevated jewelry design, blending ancient methods with a timeless, visionary eye for detail. at the crown of this collection are our two solid yellow gold bangles: the dream state bangle and the cosmic love bangle

sleek, chic, and unique

at once classic and unique, these two solid gold bangles with diamonds inlaid are the ultimate in everyday luxury: a piece that is just as at home worn with jeans and a t-shirt, a cocktail dress, or a wedding gown. 

sleek enough for comfortable daily wear, with elevated details that make them stand out from the crowd, these bangles were created to be heirlooms in the making.

our initial inspiration 

we were inspired by the classic oval gold bangle— but we decided to sprinkle in a little bluboho magic. 

as always, we started with the story. 

focusing on the expansive cosmos as a symbol for our boundless potential and the force of love that unites all living things led us to develop pieces that embody soulful reverence, creating intentional meaning in every aspect. 

some notes from our very early brainstorming:

  • the heavens are constantly changing. the death of a star gives rise to a whole new generation of others. this cycle defines the nature of the galaxy
  • we are made of stardust; we are part of the universe
  • the universe has your back: trust in the universe = trust in oneself
    • making dreams into fruition: perseverance, resilience, courage in adversity 

    “you didn’t come into this world. you came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. you are not a stranger here.” – alan watts

    design elements

    we pulled inspiration from the night sky, incorporating them into our design elements:

    • sparkle, iridescence, flecks and flashes of light → star-set, baguette, and bezel set diamonds 
    • the drama of the bright light of a star against a dark sky → deep midnight blue enamel inset with diamonds and celestial gold detailing

    meet the cosmic love bangle

    the cosmic love bangle strikes the balance between classic elegance and unique beauty. complete with a safety latch for a sleek and secure hold and an ornate arrangement of baguette and star-set round diamonds set into engraved 14k recycled gold, the cosmic love bangle sets the bar for an elevated piece that can be worn daily.

    this piece was inspired by the classic oval bangles prevalent in fine jewelry: classic, comfortable, and versatile— with a bluboho twist in its celestial details.

    “through the loving eyes of the cosmos, we can see that we embody a transcendent love that exists beyond the earthly plane. the cosmic love bangle is formed in solid 14k recycled gold, and has been set with baguette and star-set round diamonds for a celestial and ornate finish that elevates our awareness of the endless force of love moving through us all.”

    symbolism and meaning

    the cosmic love bangle is represented by our contemplation card of the cosmos. the cosmos card represents cosmic love, devotion, and the awe-inspiring oneness of all living beings. 

    shop the cosmos collection

    meet the dream state bangle

    our dream state bangle leverages rare fine jewelry techniques and innovative design to create a piece that has soul and style. hand-enameled and inlaid with white diamonds, this recycled 14k yellow gold bangle is a statement piece imbued with the mystique of the night sky— creating an eye-catching design unlike any other.

    “the world of dreams glimmers and sparkles like the night sky, filled with dazzling mysteries and possibilities sparked by your boundless potential. this hand-enameled, 14k recycled yellow gold bangle channels our drive into a force of creative energy, encouraging us to bring our wildest dreams into fruition— for we are each a part of the essential fabric of the cosmos, and the universe is forever in our corner.”

    symbolism and meaning: the dream state bangle is represented by our contemplation card of the cosmos. the cosmos card represents cosmic love, devotion, and the awe-inspiring oneness of all living beings. 

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    Written By Quinn McKerrow
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