November 2, 2021

star gazer gift guide


a star gazer, you are! Late at night, silent like an owl at the window, you cast your gaze upwards and search the night sky. enjoy our holiday 2021 gift guide, and celebrate your gazers of the stars with celestial inspired jewelry, handmade locally.

first up for our enigmatic star gazer is our reverie band, holding the universe within. named in homage to the french word for rejoice, this ring perfectly expresses the depth of joy felt when entering the union of marriage or marking a magical milestone. celebrate your love with this unique, sustainable holiday gift. an intimate reminder to get lost in the joyous moments of your relationship forevermore.

seeking insight and guidance, our star gazer discovers a refuge of contemplation, alighting in our galaxy inspired shine on hoops. all of us are formed of something truly precious, something incandescent, shining bright. constellation inspired jewelry, featuring ten white diamonds dotting the curved line of each hoop, our shine on hoops elevate your natural ability to glow from the inside out. cherish your eternal brilliance.

star gazers create their own quiet space, in synchronicity with the seasons and cycles of life, forever ebbing and flowing in a rhythm all their own. honour your star gazer with a unique piece of night sky jewelry, our guidance star choker necklace. featuring a string of handmade star charms cast in recycled 14k yellow gold, it invites the blazing of a singular trail through the universe. let love and growth be guiding stars, teaching the greatest lesson of our cosmos: an open heart, curious mind and fearless spirit are the very things allowing us to meet the unknown, seeing further than we ever imagined possible.


a supernova is triggered when the trapped energy of a star ignites and bursts into light, casting forth a luminosity one billion times brighter than the sun. those who burn brightly will be drawn to this galaxy inspired necklace, made of 14k recycled yellow gold with one 4mm rose cut ethically sourced white diamond centre.

make the most of the darkness in this magical time of the year. get out of doors, perhaps beyond the city's bright lights, and explore the ever twinkling light show above.

let’s honour the star gazer in each of us.


this blog was written by Kathryn Daw

Written By Quinn McKerrow
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