February 11, 2019

note from the designer - the dahlia beloved collection

dahlia one of a kind alternative engagement ring story

hello everyone!

my name is heather and I am on the design and production team at Bluboho. this collection is extra special to me because the setting is from the first beloved collection that I helped to design. The name, Dahlia, comes from the name of the original piece, which has since become our most requested one-of-a-kind style. From there, we sourced an array of different round coloured sapphires and alternative diamonds to showcase in this collection. 

aurora dahlia on body

What inspiration did you draw on during the creation of the dahlia collection?

dahlia flowers are so breathtaking. they come in every possible colour and have such depth to them, with all of their little petals coming together to create a bold ensemble. every time I see one I swoon and take way too many photos. 

for every collection I make a mood board to give me visual and emotional direction. I find this step really guides me through the rest of the design process, like a thesis. The mood board below touches on the more wild side of nature, and the power that comes from our Mother Earth. she provides the softness of flowers, the vast openness of the plains, the raw edges of a mountainside and the ever-present momentum of a river. There is a rich beauty that comes from nature that never fails to capture my heart. 

mood board

What makes the settings of these pieces so special?  

A setting is the metal base that holds a diamond or gemstone in place. the style of each setting is created to enhance both, the allure of the stone and the artistry of the jewelry piece. 

In this collection the centre stone is housed in a single or double prong, claw shaped setting, with small pear cut diamonds and tinier brilliant round cut diamonds on either side, nestled into the golden band. Based off the size of the stone we decided to vary how many prongs made up the setting, as to not take away from the stone's natural brilliance. 

There is a good amount of both modern simplicity and balance in this setting that makes it very wearable. soft and sweet on the edges, it is within the finer details that the pieces allows the centre stone to come into its full beauty. production and design process

What is your favourite part of the design and production process? 

I really do love every little bit that goes into the process... except for maybe staying within budget. I fall desperately in love with every single stone I come across and sometimes they're wildly unrealistic for the price point we have in mind. 

 Since I have to choose a favourite, I would say that my favourite part is when the pieces come in finished from our jewellers. Seeing your vision brought to life, with such expert talent and attention to detail, is so exciting. 

...that being said I get very attached to every single piece we make. As much as I am thrilled when they find their forever home, I can also get sad to say goodbye. so, sometimes my favourite part is getting the photos back from the photoshoot because that is something tangible I can always look back on. They are usually the last step of the creative process and it is lovely to see our full story come to fruition. 

ethical sapphire and alternative diamond engagement ring collection

How does the story of this collection speak to you personally?

"she breathes in the fresh mountain air and sighs. her heart is at peace in the wild winds, ready to pick up and race towards her next big adventure. the adventure of great love. love that sets her pulse on fire, filling her to the core with contentment and certainty that this is her fate. deep in her bones, she is ready for the winding road ahead. knowing there are arms there to curl into as the sun sets. for the rest of their suns, they will be together."

My ultimate muse is a person that is grounded in nature, but has a heart that roams our planet in search of life's wonder. This collection is about the female version of that muse finding the love of her life, and not feeling scared to move forward with them into marriage. The story of this collection sparks in me a feeling of peacefulness. 

dahlia stack, on body and lifestyle

How did you choose the centre stones in this collection? 
that is the hardest part!! as previously mentioned, I love all stones so choosing amongst them is very difficult for me. Luckily, its not just me choosing.
I'll break it down:
We know our guests love peach sapphires (and so do we), so we wanted to work with some of those for sure. blue is a classic that we haven't done a lot with, so I wanted to explore that. Grey diamonds are a staff favourite which led to the beautiful big galaxy grey diamond being chosen. We went with a rose cut diamond because they are something we plan to work with more and more in the future, they're so mesmerizing and have such a strong physical presence. and then what can I say, the other cool toned sapphires just spoke to us! sometimes you have take a breath and trust your instincts. 

sapphire and diamond engagement rings

thank you so, so much for reading about my creative experience. I very much hope you find joy in the final product! this collection has been a true work of love.

xx Heather - Design and production at bluboho

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Written By Maggie Aurocco
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