January 6, 2022

marry me

a marriage proposal is a moment in time when a commitment is made between two souls. you came together after many lives lived before. what started as a mental connection quickly turned into an emotional connection, understanding that your mind and hearts are now inextricably woven. when falling in love, you experienced milestones that were marked by feelings you can’t quite explain. these feelings are constantly growing and evolving and are moments you want to cherish, etched in your memories to share for a lifetime together. you have become one soul with a love story that is unmatched, filled with enchanting tales of love and commitment that withstands the test of time.

we've reimagined the idea and design behind a forever promise ring. we wanted to create a commitment ring that would mark and celebrate a moment of everlasting love and devotion, a commitment symbol. in a time when many couples are looking for their engagement ring together, this commitment ring still gives the element of surprise when asking your partner to marry you. following the proposal, you now can find a unique engagement ring together and continue to celebrate with loved ones. this 'marry me ring', which is reminiscent of a promise ring, is a declaration of intent and a promise, a commitment of forever. to declare that this love is for keeps, this promise ring adorned with two diamonds in two hearts on one side to signify the two hearts coming together and the word ‘beloved’ engraved on the other, is the perfect way to say “marry me”.


Written By Heather Bunt
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