June 20, 2020

Love + relationships are the core of our company.


over the past month, we have taken a good hard look at ourselves, our relationships and our company. 

we have felt a lot of feelings along the way. heartbreak. outrage. overwhelm. to name a few. 

we are so aware that there is a massive problem in our society. and we want to be a part of the solution. we also know that being a part of the solution will be a lifelong commitment and we will take steps every day towards it. we all have different roles to play in the fight for equality. here are the commitments we are making as a team:

we will continue to educate ourselves. and we will educate those around us. 

we will invest in diversity training for our team in the coming year and incorporate this into our hiring, onboarding, and training.

we will work to create more opportunities in the jewelry industry for BIPOC students through a scholarship opportunity.

we will continue to donate to the YMCA, and ensure we focus funds on their programs that support the BIPOC community.

in the meantime, we made a donation to Black Lives Matter Canada.

we will work to showcase diversity and BIPOC people inside and outside of our company, through all of our channels.

we will do better every single day.

and most importantly, we will teach our children to be better.


with all of our love,

maggie & the whole bluboho team


Written By Maggie Aurocco
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