January 20, 2022

love languages


it is no secret that in a world of almost eight billion people, no two beings are exactly the same. this is true for many aspects of our lives and personalities, but nothing illustrates this quite like the language of love. every single person on this earth communicates love differently, whether it is the way we choose to show our love or the way we prefer to receive it, so learning to speak each other’s language is key to any relationship. our romantic relationships, friendships, sibling bonds, and the relationships we have with our parents or children… all relationships deserve the same commitment and maintenance, and this sometimes means doing a bit of work to ensure everyone’s love “buckets” remain full! 


the love language that is probably the most familiar is words of affirmation. individuals with words of affirmation as a love language very much value verbal acknowledgements of affection. this can include something as simple as an “i love you” or “i appreciate you”, but goes much deeper in that they feel the most fulfilled when they receive compliments, words of encouragement, and when they are in frequent communication with the people they love.  these words of affirmation are important to hear not only from their significant other, but in all other important relationships, including their workplace or friendships. nothing says “i love you” quite like our classic little lovely necklace and larger lovely heart earrings. the perfect gift for your wife, your best friend or your daughter. 

for those individuals who are not always the best with words, but instead opt to show their love in the way they act.. acts of service is likely their love language of choice. acts of service is all about choosing to perform deeds, big or small, that will make the other person’s life a little easier. making you coffee in the morning, bringing you soup or medicine when you’re feeling under the weather, helping you prepare for an important meeting at work… someone who values acts of service will go out of their way for everyone in their life to show them that they are there to love and support them. the lean on me ring and lean on me diamond necklace are a silent “i’m here” for sister, a lover, a friend. 

for some people words and actions are appreciated, but the way they feel the most adored is through quality time spent together. for these individuals, time spent with the people they love is indispensable. they are most content when they receive the other persons’ undivided attention. active listening, eye contact, and limited outside distractions are a few ways to ensure they know you are fully present. quality time can be just as important to your child and your best friend as it is to your partner, so consider gifting the tree of life carved medallion necklace or tree of life studs to recognize that time spent together sets a strong foundation for a supportive, enduring relationship. 


one crucial aspect of human connection that we cannot forget is the physical connection we experience through a soft touch or a warm embrace. physical touch is the love language that highlights the physical signs of affection. this can include holding hands on a walk, cuddling on the couch while watching a movie, and of course, kissing and other forms of physical intimacy. this can be especially difficult for those who live far from the ones they love most. in this case, think about gifting the hold me tight bracelet or the embrace branch stacking ring to mimic the warmth and comfort of a touch. 


the last love language is a pretty straightforward one - gift giving! people who’s love language is receiving gifts feel the most loved when they are given visual symbols of love. it has much less to do with the monetary value of the item and much more to do with the symbolic thought that goes into the gift. the knowledge that this person saw something that reminded them of you and what you represent to them. engrave a symbolic number or initial on our lovely heart signet ring as a physical reminder of your love or gift our kindred wanderess chain to your someone special so they have a place to house some charms that may remind you of them down the line.

Written By Quinn McKerrow
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