September 8, 2022

it's libra season!

just as autumn is beginning, so is libra season. a season of change and new beginnings, but also an ideal time to elevate your life. it's important to channel your energy in the right direction to achieve your goals. as a known social butterfly, you honour and nurture the relationships in your life. and because human connection is incredibly important to you, you make an ideal leader, partner, and friend. a libra chooses to lead a life of beauty and excitement. as such, it’s no surprise that they take the time to love carefully, deeply, and commit.

libra season is about recognizing what intelligent, loving and caring people they are. here are our favourite picks to gift your loving libra this year. what’s great is libra season starts in september, which is all about sapphires. birthday falls in october? not to worry, we have an opal for that too.

Written By Heather Bunt


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