May 27, 2021

introducing the wildflower collection

we wander in order to find space to bloom, in places outside the conditions and restraints of a world that binds, where we can flourish in wild freedom and beautiful chaos. a seed blown on the wind, rambling across hill and valley, even across oceans, the wildflower is more than a single blossom: it is a precious link in a lineage of wandering. the wildflower speaks to any soul who is fierce and free, a traveller sowing her seeds along her journey, an independent beauty who cannot be tamed. she sees opportunity in chaos, inspiration in freedom, and happiness in a rainstorm.

this sculptural charm is cast in 14k recycled yellow gold by a local artisan.

to reflect the versatility of the wildflower, this charm features a versatile spring ring so that it can be attached to any precious piece of jewelry you already hold dear.

the wildflower wanderess charm goes where the wind blows. It speaks to the tenacity that nature has granted each and every wildflower: the strength to bloom year after year, the flexibility to bend with the wind, the instinct to grow where the sun offers the most light, and the grace to bloom in a beauty that is wholly her own. she also contains the ability to heal the world around her as she wanders—wildflowers naturally grow in the cracks in the ground where the soil has run dry. nature calls upon her roots to bind the earth once again, drawing water to the dusty ground and leaving her meadow fortified and bonded anew. In this way, however small, the wildflower is mother to the tallest trees and the protector of the earth we share.

Written By Heather Bunt
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