July 7, 2022

introducing the wanderess relaunch

charmed, we’re sure! introducing: the wanderess relaunch

when we centre our hearts and minds on an intention, we can manifest the deepest longings of our souls.

your wish is our command: we heard your requests, and we made it happen… 

this new launch is a reimagining of our classic, fan-favourite bluboho charms transformed into intentional necklaces. 

we took your favourite combinations of solid gold charms and chains, and created ready-styled necklaces symbolizing the precious lessons we learn as we walk our paths and find our way. 

the results? five versatile and deeply meaningful solid gold charm necklaces that make poignant gifts and markers of self-love, no matter where you are in your journey.

the wanderess (a play on “wandrous”!) collection celebrates the beauty and wonder to be found as we wander adventurously along our paths in life. through the peaks and valleys, twists, and turns, we all encounter highs and lows. what sustains us is to lean into the lessons, be present, and trust that we will always find our way through any obstacles in our path. 

these necklaces are powerful reminders of the intentions we set, the actions we take, and the impact they have on our lives, moment to moment. worn alone or as part of a stack, they anchor our attention on the way forward. 

meet the wanderess necklaces:


fierce love necklace

representing  your deepest love

love in all its forms is a force that transcends time and space, anchoring our intentions and driving forth our actions.


written in the stars necklace

representing magic and wisdom

an illuminator of quiet truths, this necklace embodies a reminder that our fates are written in the stars


equinox yin-yang necklace

representing balance

the equinox yin-yang necklace celebrates the balance between our dualities

crescent opal necklace 

representing new beginnings

set with three opals to signify our past, present, and the new beginnings of our future.


triumphant necklace 

representing achievement

tap into your strength, stability, and resilience as you tune into your intuitive voice, celebrate your inner warrior

Written By Quinn McKerrow
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